Interview – Escape The Box

We spoke to Escape The Box, a quartet from the capital of England, London! Their members consist of;

  • Ziey Kizzy – Vocals
  • Aaron Maullin- Guitar
  • Stephen Smith – Bass / Vocals
  • LouZy Hero – Drums / Vocals

*All answers by Ziey Kizzy.

1. Your latest releases, ‘Grey’ and ‘When The Times Right’ are both considerably different to your EP, is this a pattern that will continue?

The reason I feel our sound is so different from track to track is because we dont have a fixed genre as of yet, we’re just trying to find the right emotion for every record and as you can imagine that isn’t a one size fits all for each song.

When I think about it our process is quite backwards we usually create “kitchen demos” between Me and Aaron then they evolve when Steve and LouZy Hero get on board.. It’s quite magical when I think about it.

2. What inspired both of these tracks lyrically?

I couldn’t explain my writing process even if I tried. I’ve been making music over half my life, it’s something that just seems to flow naturally now. If I connect with the melodies I’ll speak to it, I think with ‘Grey’ we knew we had something when we made that song. We were in my nans garage at the time and Aaron was feeling his way through the riffs and it all just started to make sense. As for ‘When The Times Right’ I’d already had the lyrics and a general idea of where I wanted to take it and I kind of forced it upon everyone to create it. I have some great band mates to be honest, they will help me bring anything I want to life even if they’re not totally into it it’s some real love. I’m glad we met.

3. How did you take a different approach to writing these 2 singles, compared to your EP?

PARIAH was made on my laptop originally. Before I started the band, I was a solo artist mainly releasing hiphop and electronic music but rock music always got me going. I could only compare it to holding a gun you just feel like you have so much power in that moment when you’re in the zone. Pariah felt like a rebellion to me and looking back, it was. I recorded the demos when I was doing alot of songwriting and producing for other artists but for myself I needed something different. Skip 3 years ahead I’d separated myself from a situation I was in with record labels and my management. After a phone call with LouZy the band was born and within a week we sent ‘Miss Stress’ and an Oasis style song in a Whatsapp group and the rest was history to make a very long story short.

4. Are you happy with how both tracks have performed so far? Grey has streamed over 20k times just on Spotify, that must make you feel ecstatic! 

Honestly over the moon to see 20k on a song that we made together. It’s amazing to see real supporters and people getting in touch with us to say nice things. We’ll never take that for granted. We can’t wait to see some of these faces on social media in the front row of our gigs! I know I’m gonna be right there with them (social distancing of course).

5. What do ETB have in their plans for the next year?

For next year it’s just more of everything that’s already going on. I want to make life a movie, my boys deserve to feel like rockstars. We have a few exciting things in the works currently with “Escape The Box Audio Visual”. We’ll be helping other artists and creatives bring their visions to life and offering our experience in video and audio production. I think we have a different approach to most bands, LouZy said it best in our early docuvlog series on our youtube channel. We’ve filmed the making of our band since day one but he said “Escape The Box is more than just the music”. I agree of course it’s about the music but ETB goes deeper than that. I believe we’re a movement for people who like abit of everything and that will keep growing as we continue on our journey.

6. What has been the most surreal moment of your musical career so far?

Our first live experience outside of a rehearsal space was on a TV set it was so crazy stepping into this big ass studio with 4 or 5 massive broadcast cameras in your face after getting up at 4am and driving 400 million miles it felt like wow! Did you get the right people in? They treated us like Kings all day we couldn’t even get ourselves a bottle of water they had someone run and get it we even tried to stop them so we could do it ourselves but deep down it was nice not having to do anything aha, that was a great day we’ll never forget it.

7. Can you share your funniest gig story?

Amy Winehouse was pouring pints for LouZy at the dublin castle back in 2010. Aaron once got so hammered before a show that he couldn’t play any of the songs then continued drinking afterwards. Most of the time we’re all usually laughing and taking the piss out of eachother but one gig that sticks out for me in particular is one we did in Kent. We managed to get a circle pit going in a tiny room followed by 20 people telling us to f off, then cheer us! That was magical.

8. The ultimate pop punk question – what toppings do you have on your pizza?

Aaron – Only meat pizza no veg.
Steve – Ham and pineapple.
LouZy – Four cheeses (pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza).
Ziey – If a pizza is made right you don’t need anything else other than margarita.

9. Who has the worst dress sense?

One time we all dressed up in Hawaiian shirts for a studio session and we didn’t tell Aaron…

10. Leave a message for fans!

Yo people, thanks for sticking with us from our old music projects to now, it means a lot. We know we won’t always see eye to eye with our creative direction but like any long lasting relationship there is always compromise. Hopefully you will continue to see the beauty in our madness and we hope to see many of faces from day one in the crowds of the future.

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

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