Band of the Week – Break Fate

Inspired by bands such as Knuckle Puck, Tiny Moving Parts and Mallory Knox, your friendly neighbourhood rock band ‘Break Fate’ was forged in late 2017 by lead vocalist Mashana and lead guitarist Ricky. Their beloved drummer Oliver joined the band a couple months after. Like the final missing piece to the puzzle, the band was complete.

Before 2020, Break Fate released two songs titled; “Miraculous” & “Blackout”. They have now unleashed their debut album. An album built by three dudes trying to give hope to a hopeless world. Packed with themes of growing up, self doubt, heartbreak and a dash of existential crisis.

First, Break Fate lit the flame with “Fire”, a thunderous track about the current state of the world they are living in. This was released in late February and has been streamed more than 12K times to date.

after that, on the 10th of April, they unleashed ‘Fog’ on to the world. A punchy, joy ride, rock-anthem about overcoming your anxieties and self doubt.

After the fog settled, Break Fate opened the flood gates and released their debut album, Ferocity on May 1st.

The band are evolving everyday and reaching more people to prepare them for the album. Evolve with us and join our journey.

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

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