Interview – Death Of Youth

Death Of Youth are a duo from London, England! Their members consist of;

  • Rob Horrocks – Vocals/Guitar
  • Sahib Dhinsa – Bass

*All questions answered by Rob Horrocks.

1. Your sophomore EP ‘Suburban Dystopia’ came out April 3rd. Are you happy with how it’s performed so far?

I’m incredibly happy with how it’s performed. Obviously, I’m not a super big artist and I’m not pulling in massive numbers, but I’m satisfied with how it’s done overall as those who have listened appear to be enjoying the songs, which is the best feeling ever.

2. Why did you decide on Faded Nostalgia as your lead single?

It just sounded the most like a single when I recorded it. It’s the most melodic song on the EP, and as soon as we finished recording the scratch track for it, my first thought was ‘this has to be the single’.

3. What inspired the tracks on SD lyrically?

There’s a mixture of different things in there – ‘Deconstruction’ and ‘You’re A Crook, Captain Hook’ were both inspired by my mental health, but each has a different take on it as Deconstruction is more about picking apart my own flaws in order to better myself as a person, whereas You’re A Crook is more about my own self deprecation and struggles with self love.

‘Faded Nostalgia’ kind of feels like an epilogue to what I covered lyrically on the previous EP as I felt I had a little bit more to say about it in order to get full closure on that particular situation. ‘Cover Feature’ was inspired by the sexual misconduct/abuse from bands throughout the music scene and how they seem to get away with a mere slap on the wrist rather than being stripped from their platform. ‘Blind In One Eye’ was written after the election in December as I was incredibly angry and disillusioned at the attitudes of people in this country as well as the disregard that the government has for the average person in order to keep themselves comfortable. Sadly, this has been proven to be more relevant over the past few months.

4. How did you see yourselves grow as musicians between this EP and your debut? Did you approach the song writing differently?

I feel that with the first EP, I was very much finding my feet and working out how I wanted this project to sound, whereas this EP is more confident. I feel the songs as a whole are a little more direct/heavier, tapping more into my Hardcore influences compared to the previous EP.

5. What comes next for Death of Youth? I’d have thought shows would’ve been a great way to support the EP.

Since we’re essentially a two man project at the moment and don’t have a drummer, we didn’t really have any shows planned. For the time being, we’re happy just recording and releasing our music until we can get a drummer sorted. However, one thing that’s very exciting is the vinyl release of the EP. I’ve been collecting vinyl for 5 years, and never thought I’d ever get any of my music released on that format, but I’m grateful to be able to do that thanks to Disillusioned Records and Engineer Records who are working together for this release.

6. Can you tell us an interesting fact about the record?

The length is the first thing that comes to mind – it wasn’t something that really occurred to me until we recorded it, but it’s just under 12 minutes long. What’s funny about that is it has one more track than the previous EP, but is somehow shorter.

7. My favourite track is Deconstruction. What’s yours?

That’s quite a tricky question as my mind changes from time to time. I’d say it’s possibly ‘You’re A Crook, Captain Hook’. That song I feel is the best representation of how I wanted this project to sound when I started out. I remember when I was writing it, I thought ‘this song isn’t even finished yet, and it’s possibly already my favourite song that I’ve ever written’.

8. Can you share your funniest show story?

One band I was in played a show six years ago where our other guitarist had bought a new guitar lead and was using it for the first time. About halfway through the set, he picked up his guitar only for the strap to break – causing the guitar to fall to the floor, landing on the jack for the lead and breaking it!

9. Should you become millionaires, what would you do with the money?

Probably a typical answer, but I’d give most of it to charity.

10. Thanks for chatting, leave a message for fans!

Thanks to everyone who has listened to our music over the past two years, it means the world that you give a shit about what we do.

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

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