Interview – Lost Like Lions

Lost Like Lions are from New York, USA! Their members consist of;

  • Derrik Schiersing – Vocals / Guitar
  • Jamie Bigaj – Guitar
  • Matt Kusmierz – Bass
  • Jim Kaczmarski – Drums

1. Hey guys! How are you? Are we keeping safe? What are you doing to keep yourselves occupied in isolation?

Hey There! We are doing really good, thanks for asking! Things have been pretty crazy the last few months, you know doing the same as everyone, stuck inside, but we are all safe and healthy. Things are starting to get a bit back to “normal” now, slowly. Or at least as close to “normal” as you can possibly get haha. We definitely had a lot of extra time to be spending with family, and begin writing some new songs.

2. Your EP ‘The Devil That You Know’ came out just over 2 weeks ago! Are you happy with how it’s performing? What has the feedback been like?

We are so thrilled to finally have some new music out there! We’ve gotten some really kind reviews on these songs and I can’t tell you how far that goes when we hear those kind of words!

3. What inspired the lyrics to these tracks?

A lot of these lyrics were just inspired by thoughts of ageing. And how as you age you start to look at things through a totally different scope then you did 5 years prior, and stuff like that. When they say it takes men longer to mature, they certainly are not joking haha. I look back at some of the situations I put myself into, and the grudges I held for the pettiest of things back then, and it’s just like “Wow”. Life is too short for that kind of stuff.

4. My favourite track is Run Away. What’s yours?

Really? Wow, thank you! I’m so glad you dig that one! I am not so sure I have a favourite, I like all three for various reasons, as cliché as that sounds. “Something Else” was the first track of the 3 that we had written, so that one is the oldest of the bunch. So that is a track that I have spent the most time with, for sure. But I like all three of them for one reason or another. I am stoked to hear that you like “Run Away”, I enjoy the darker vibe of that song, and I think that will be a fun avenue to explorer in future songs.

5. Was this 3 track EP a ‘deluxe’ addition to your full length album ‘Navigate’? If not, can we expect more quantity of songs to come soon?

No, these 3 tracks were fresh recording sessions, separate from “NAVIGATE”. The NAVIGATE record was a weird one, I wrote all of those songs on that ep and recorded them with the intentions of never really playing them live, because I didn’t have a band then haha. So you’ll see elements in that EP, that are just overdone – keys, production work etc. That was super fun to make, but sadly is something that does not really translate well live due to that fact! I love those songs though! I think if we ever find the absolute “right” fit, we would consider adding a fifth member to do some keys/extra guitar work to help fill out some of those songs from those sessions. But we’ve got good chemistry right now, and don’t really want to mess with it! As far as more songs go, I think we plan on just yearly popping out a 3-4 song ep every Spring or so. The recording cycle we did for “The Devil That You Know” seemed to work really well for us. We will begin work on a new ep this Fall!

6. What happened in the 4 year gap of TWOTW and Navigate? Did you take a short hiatus or did you take all that time to prepare and better yourself for the next release?

TWOTW was just a side project for me, we played a few shows after it, but that was around the time where I started to get really busy at work. We played a few shows before we just kind of stopped. I didn’t know if we would ever start making music again. It just never seemed like the “right” time to do it. I’d get itches to start and then it’d fizzle. Honestly, I just didn’t want to go through the process of finding band members, dealing with egos, all that kind of stuff. I got lucky when I had been introduced to Jim, and Matt because they fill two huge roles in the band, and are the best people in the world. I’ve known Jamie for years. So Jim and Matt just ended up being missing pieces that were always in our past band, being replaced time after time. That being said, Jamie and I ran into each other in Summer 2018 at a show in Buffalo, had discussions to start “LLL” again. It didn’t happen right away, but after that conversation I started writing again. Half of “Navigate” was recorded years prior but never released. The other half was recorded in the Fall of 2018 to cap off that record. I really enjoyed it and have a real attachment. “Devil” was the first ep that was recorded by all of us as opposed to being recorded by myself. So I am really stoked about that, and love the fact that we as a band are tight and in a really good place. Having a break like we did, has made it so much fun to come back to. I appreciate this so much more than ever before. Every show we play is just so fun. Every practice we have, it’s all just awesome. When we get kind words from people regarding our music we are floored every time.

7. Once permitted, where would you most like to play?

I think anytime we get the chance to play venues that we have yet to play, I will be stoked. I don’t know if touring will ever be a thing because we are all pretty set in our careers and life and all of that. But we would love to maybe do some small weekend tours every once in awhile and try and reach new people.

8. Can you share your funniest show story?

Hmmm. I don’t know how funny this is, but sadly there aren’t very many “funny” stories yet. But in the first round of Lost Like Lions shows, I used to always have a big bottle of Jager on stage with us (really it was an ode to the band “LIT” haha). I can’t even fathom taking a shot of Jager now, but we called a bunch of people up on stage, I brought out about 30 plastic disposable shot glasses, filled them up and did a “cheers” on stage. The venue was not very happy about that, but it made for a pretty cool moment haha.

9. How was the video for Enemies made?

You know, what’s crazy about the “Enemies” music video, that was all put together during lockdown! I found a photographer from cape town named Taryn Elliott. I instantly was attracted to her work and her video footage. I was able get in touch with her, and have access to some of her files. I literally edited that whole entire video together myself during a few weeks period during lockdown haha. I wish I could say we were at those beautiful places in the video, but sadly we were not. Taryn’s work is absolutely incredible though! Fun fact, Taryn was the female in the video! 

10. Leave a message for the readers!

If you’ve never listened to us before and feel to dip your feet in, our newest ep “The Devil That You Know” just came out, if you wanted to start there! If you’ve taken the time to read this, THANK YOU!

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