Review – The American Standard (Stations)

The American Standard – Stations (Review)

South Jersey-based pop punk/rock trio ‘The American Standard’ present to you their latest album ‘Stations’. What can only be described as an all-rounder, ‘Stations’ has a little something for everyone. This band’s musicality is consistent throughout, never faltering to please your ears with solid guitar/bass tones and punchy drums.

Intro track ‘For Days’ is wonderfully ethereal and gentle, its breathy vocals instilling a sense of calm before the next barrage of tracks. Shortly after we have the antithesis of ‘For Days’ in ‘That’s What the Money’s For’. Throwing you right into the deep end with its incredibly dirty riff, screams, and that guitar tone. Proceeding track ‘Abandon Me’ follows in a similar fashion, gritty vocals and pounding drums drive this track ‘til its end.

Following on from this, you’ll start to see what I mean by this album having a little something for everyone. Armed with a Parks and Rec reference in its title ‘Jean Ralphio’s Million Dollar Idea’ gives us a little taster of just what The American Standard can do with a pop-punk song. Brilliantly catchy with lyrics like “Dry your eyes please just don’t cry” and ever-so-slightly off pitch ‘whoas’, this bouncy track is built to boost your mood.

Another highlight for me is found in the next track ‘Fall Right Through’, again a classic bouncy song. Whilst its nothing new, it has perfected the art of writing an old school pop-punk song. ‘Fall Right Through’ has a near-perfect melody in the chorus and great progression throughout, and lyrically is just as strong as the prior track. You’ll be repeating ‘let me help you get the demons off’ to yourself for days. Add this to your summer anthem playlist.

The American Standard are such a musically interesting band and understand the need of an appropriate rise and fall in an album. ‘Where Do You Think We Are’ slows things down but does not skimp on energy, leaning on Greg’s heartfelt vocals. Lyrical gems are nestled in yet more great melodies “excuse me I forgot to mention / I ran out of good intentions’. Proceeding this is ‘Florida Bound’- with a name like this, it expectedly is a livelier track than its prior. Encapsulating all the highs and lows of moving from home, the relentless optimism of freedom vs the pining for returning to comfort. This song would make a solid final track for anyone else, but The American Standard have reserved something a little different for theirs.

Bright Lights’, is an interesting song. This 5-minute-long anthem is moody, dark and everything you’d expect for a somewhat ode to Stephen King’s IT. The famous ‘we all float down here’ catchphrase is repeated throughout alongside guitar solos, chaotic drums and echoed vocals. All of which make for an incredibly fun final track.

Stations’ is a hell of an album and is just so much fun to listen to. I don’t think I’ve said ‘no this is my favourite song’ so much when listening to a release in such a long time. The American Standard’s musical diversity is fully on display in ‘Stations’ and you are bound to find something you like here.

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Words by Selina Payandee.

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