Review – Nomad Anthem (Rising Up)

Nomad Anthem – Rising Up (Review)

Nomad Anthem have brought a fun and upbeat pop sound with their latest single “Rising Up”. Released on July 23rd, the Newcastle, UK trio provide a catchy hook and an overall great track. Nomad Anthem feels fresh while treading familiar water, blazing their way through a stellar song, featuring a solid sound that could fit into any playlist. The single gives us yet another banger for the summer and a much welcome one in these dark times.

Ripped straight out of the 90’s, the group leans into very straight forward pop-punk. With a catchy chorus and some excellent instrumental work, the song serves as a reminder that it is in fact still summer, regardless of what is happening around us. To top it all off, there is a light hearted video released with the single. The animation style really drives home the nostalgia and fun that makes pop punk what it is. “Rising Up” is the song we needed this week, we just didn’t know it yet. (Music Video)

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Words by Justin Mostaffa.

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