Interview – Trophy Jump

Trophy Jump are a 4 piece from Croatia! Their members consist of;

  • Antun Aleksa – Guitar / lead vocals
  • Marko Marinović – Bass / backing vocals
  • Tvrtko Petrović – Guitar / backing vocals
  • Ivan Cimi Marinović – Drums

1. Hey! Hope you’re well. First up we want to ask how you’ve all been? What’s Covid-19 been like in Croatia?

Hey guys! It’s been ok, not completely chaotic like in some other places and we avoided massive death tolls and stuff like that. But the people have been quarantined for months and now they are losing their minds, and COVID-19 is coming back, and we see more and more apathy in people concerning that fact. So we can only hope the worst is not yet to come.

2. Following up on Croatia, is it easy to promote and play shows in there? Is there a big need for punk rock like there is in the UK, USA and Australia?

Before COVID it was going OK. The Punk rock scene exists in some form but it’s pretty small. There was a vacancy in the scene regarding new bands that lasted for half a decade, so the crowds are still listening only to old bands pretty much.

In the last few years a lot of new bands have formed, but they are still not gaining traction from the wider audience, which only supports bands in the later stages of their existence, which they have been listening to as teenagers. Sadly, we don’t see many really young people listening to punk rock, which is the most important thing for growing the scene.

3. Your last release was a split record with Afewyearslater (Hungary). What made you do a split with AFYL?

We have known the boys from AFYL for a few years now, and we have crossed paths many times over that period of time even though we live in different countries. We became pretty good friends so that move was obvious, because it helps us gain audience in our respective countries. It’s always fun working with them.

4. Lyrically, what inspired the 2 tracks you performed on that record?

Both of the tracks are pretty old lyrically, and we pulled them out of the bag of old songs for this split, giving them a fresh form. ‘Bazooka Blaze’ is a fun storytelling song about a stoner superhero saving drunk people of Zagreb from trouble. It doesn’t have a strong message or anything like that. ‘Glass Bell’ is more of a sincere song, written by Antun. Its name is actually a Croatian phrase which describes people sheltered from all possible harms of the world, but also from real human experiences. So it’s kind of a call to action for those people.

5. What will come next for Trophy Jump?

2020 was supposed to be a big year for Trophy Jump. We had booked two European tours, and one USA tour which was supposed to be the first time playing on some other continent. Right now we are deep in the recording of our first full LP album, which will come out sometime during the year. It’s really a new experience for us, because it’s our first project of that magnitude. Also, it’s the first time we are doing a project that is conceptually coherent, so that is really interesting for us. That’s our first focus, but also we want to make new songs and just play and jam for fun. We will probably try creating an acoustic set, better suited for outdoor events which are the only thing happening right now anyways.

6. What was it like recording the video for Leather Couch?

We just invited a bunch of our friends and we hung out, drank, and shot the shit like we usually do. The challenge was syncrhronizing the lyrics with the song beacause the video is sped up 24 times. For that reason we created an hour and a half long audio track giving us instructions of what to do next regarding the lyrics. We even made an application which would tell us what to do, but we didn’t end up using it. So it was like a usual get-together between friends, but with lots of work behind the scenes to get everything up and running smoothly.

7. Once permitted, where would you most like to play?

We were really looking forward to our USA tour because that is a culture and place no one among us has had an opportunity to experience. More generally, we always like exploring new places, more different than Croatia the better.

8. What would you be doing if you didn’t pursue a career in music?

Our drummer Cimi made music pretty much his whole life so I really can’t see him doing anything else. Other members of the band are all master engineers, and we have to work in our professions because we can’t support ourselves with music only. But that is still the dream.

9. What has been the most surreal moment of your careers so far?

For me personally, it was the show with PUP in our hometown. They are one of our favorite bands, and we see them as one of the pioneers of the new wave of punk rock which has been booming for the past few years, and which we feel a part of. It was 40+ deegrees in the club, there wasn’t a person with a shirt on in sight, and it was probably the best show we played and one of the best shows we attended in general.

10. Leave a message for people reading…

People, please use your energy and frustration built up during the months of quarantine and focus it on productive and not desctrutive things.

Spotify / Facebook.

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