Review – Wilted Flower (Here Lies Our Love)

Wilted Flower – Here Lies Our Love EP Review

Beautiful and bleak, “Here Lies Our Love” the latest EP from Wilted Flower has arrived. Juggling themes of heartbreak and grief, each song showcases each step of moving on. Sounding like a mix of Florence & the machines and Soccer Mommy, Wilted Flower fits comfortably in the space they have so carefully developed. Relying on emotion to push the six songs along at an astonishing rate.

Second track, “Widow”, is a heavy emotional track. The strained, layered vocals lamenting how unfair the situation is. While simple in approach the various guitar noodling and subtle percussion fit underneath the hammering vocals to create a shell shocked, serene atmosphere. Atmosphere is everything with this record. Starting with “Widow” and leaking into every song on the release, the despair is rarely lifted for long. But there is beauty in despair, and it shines through on every track.

One of the bigger highlights on the release is the opening track, “Funeral Procession”. While barely longer than a minute in length, the overall production sinks its teeth into the listener and forcefully draws them into the world of Wilted Flower. “Silencer” is another highlight, showcasing the artist’s ability to shift tone and maintain the message. This is possibly the most upbeat song on the entire release, and much needed in its placement on the track list. Just about any musician can make a sad, slow song. Not many can create a nuanced, intricate and relatable story that holds attention. Wilted Flower accomplishes this within the first two songs.

The closing track “Beautiful, But Bleak” is the shining star here. The song opens on a rainstorm leading into the most polished production on the entire EP. Strangely the song title literally describes the entire listening experience, Beautiful but very bleak. This is the one song that feels less lyrically prepared and more like a stream of consciousness reaction. The soft delivery of the lyrics lightly kisses the sense, whispering the bereaved words of grief one final time before the silence. There is no grandstanding at the end, no final bang, quietly into the night. As the silence sets in, it feels as though a destination has been reached, somewhere possibly more bleak.

Beautiful and Bleak, these are the words that stand out after so many playthroughs. This release from Wilted Flower is a fully realised concept EP, ticking every box along the way. The production is crisp, the composition of each track is thoughtful and unique. The vocals, that haunting, mournful, bereaved voice. Turning hearts over in their chests while sorting out all of the natural feelings of grief. All in all, this is a fantastic release. Any one with half a set of emotions needs to listen to this. Anyone who has had their heartbroken needs to listen to this, and anyone who’s ever broken a heart needs to listen as well. This is the rare EP that comes along, with themes as universal as its sounds. Big things on the horizon for Wilted Flower, big things indeed.

The EP will be out tomorrow (29th June). Check out our favourite track Widow on Spotify and pre-save the record here.

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Words by Justin Mostaffa.

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