Review – Drag Me Down (Disappointed)

Drag Me Down – Disappointed Single Review

Drag Me Down have released “Disappointed”, a bouncy, alluring high energy single. Combining many various pop-punk styles into one well meshed song is impressive. At times sounding like an early Green Day, the bands rages from verse to chorus as the song soars by at lightspeed. Standing as a precursor for their upcoming EP, and if this is just a taste, then we should all buckle up because it will undoubtedly be bonkers.

Vocalist Oscar Manners, has such a unique tone that lyrically highlights the themes of not giving up regardless of disappointments very well. The drum work is scintillating, while the bass lines glue the song together. While the song does not have a true “breakdown” like their last single, it most certainly holds an abundance of bounce. Especially in the chorus, which will get stuck in your head more times than you can count. Compared to their previous work this song really shows the growth of Drag Me Down, it’s exciting to watch as they perfect their medium.

Disappointed by Drag Me Down is out now, and the new EP is not too far behind. Don’t sleep on this one, I have a feeling Drag Me Down has quite a few more tricks up their collective sleeves.

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Words by Justin Mostaffa.

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