Band of the Week – The American Standard

The American Standard are a DIY emo/hardcore rock band hailing from Delran, New Jersey. They enjoy copious amounts of coffee and beer, which may or may not directly contribute to their intricate and aggressive music. Their music has been likened to likes  of Bayside, Jimmy Eat World, and Thrice.

Their debut album “Stations” was released on May 29th, 2020, and has spawned outstanding reviews, online radio play, and several interviews. The album opens by leading you into a trance with the intro song “For Days”. Over almost as soon as it begins, “For Days” rumbles directly into “That’s What The Money’s For” and hits like a punch in the face. “Stations” combines heavy riffs and breakdowns with pop-punk inspired bops and careful orchestration. This record is what it sounds like when you unite immense talent with having an immense amount of fun.

The album “Stations” is available everywhere you can stream music and can also be found on the band’s Bandcamp page, where you can purchase their music and merchandise. All proceeds made from merchandise and album sales at this time are being donated to Black Lives Matter, the NAACP Legal Defence Fund, or similar organizations fighting against systemic racism in America (you can also choose which organization you would like your money to go to at check-out in the notes section).

The American Standard loves to interact with people and wants to hear what you think about the album – reach them on Instagram at @theamstand , which is also the best way to keep up with the current happenings of the band.

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

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