Review – Small Talk (Hawthorne)

Small Talk – Hawthorne Single Review

San Diego, CA based Small Talk have released their latest single “Hawthorne”. Featuring a more compact sound than their previous work, the band leans into their growth heavily and it pays off. If “Hawthorne” is any indication, there is a lot to be excited about with the future of Small Talk. The inclusion of more screams, and the improved production create a wholly new experience from the group. It’s exciting to see a band grow this much in a short period of time. This single is a top banger and very pleasing to hear.

Vocalist Ness Fredrick is dynamite on this track. Leading the listener from verse to chorus with urgency, delivering each lyrical punch directly and with panache. Guitarist Victor Andrade provides a gnarly riff with plenty of punch. Finally the wonderful drum work of Elliot Cole brings an atmospheric blast, holding the song together. The track was mastered by Jaime Preciado (PTV), lending to the bouncy sound and the haunting gang vocals. This track feels like a culmination of their recent work, sounding like if Silverstein and Title Fight had a baby in a San Diego basement. Their debut EP Drowning in Your Absence feels like it was made 5 years ago instead of earlier this year.

Hawthorne” propels the band forward at lightspeed, and proves without a doubt that Small Talk has a very luminous future ahead of them.

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

Artwork by Mikaela Jane.

Words by Justin Mostaffa.

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