Review – Cheer Up Dusty (Randy Savage Would Be Disappointed)

Philly based act ‘Cheer up Dusty’ have just released their latest single ‘Randy Savage Would be Disappointed’. Relentlessly high energy from start to finish, it has everything a purest pop-punk fan could hope for (iconic 90s wrestler reference included). Since frontman Justin’s solo EP of last year, he has added additional members and it’s nice to hear just what a fully formed Dusty are capable of.

Cheer up Dusty take us back to basics with ‘Randy Savage Would be Disappointed’, and that is simply fine with me. Perfectly distorted guitar tone, catchy riffs and a crisp snare pave the way for the track’s bouncy feel. Lyrically, this song plays as a sort of snapshot of the current climate. Relatable perils of quarantine and frustrations of the government’s nonchalance are conveyed via Justin’s raw vocals. There’s also a certain quirkiness to this track that I really enjoy. A lack of a coherent structure, snippets of synth here and there and gang vocals make this single reminiscent of an early Wonder Years.

Cheer up Dusty are a band who know how to grip your attention, with a track that seems to fly by in an instant, they manage to pack so much into such little time. ‘Randy Savage Would be Disappointed’ is an exciting, memorable single that you will find yourself listening to over and over again.

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Words by Selina Payandee.

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