Interview – Further North

Further North is a quintet from Texas, USA! Their members consist of;

  • Steve Stanley – Lead Vocals/Bass
  • Chris Jacobs – Guitar
  • John-Marc Stanley – Guitar/Backing Vocals
  • AC Capers – Drums
  • Chris “Timmy” Compton – Keys/Synth/Guitar

*All questions answered by Steve Stanley.

1. Hey! Thanks for chatting. We’ve seen that you have been ‘very busy’ during lockdown, does this mean we get new music very soon? Maybe a video for a track?

Well, we’ve been ambiguous on purpose! I can say that we’ve been doing a lot of writing and recording and we have a great relationship with our label, Palm Mute Records, who is helping us with releasing these songs. So, we will have a number of songs come out over the next few months. Video is hard to get done during the pandemic, but we would not rule that out right now.

2. You’re also covering ‘A Million Dreams’ from The Greatest Showman. Why did you choose this, and what can we expect it to sound like?

Our label had this cool idea for a cover compilation of movie songs. So, we threw a few ideas out and demo’d a few things, but this one really clicked. Chris came to us with the idea because its such a solid song from a great movie. I had not seen the movie yet, but was hooked just from the strength of the song. As for expectations, it definitely sounds like a Further North song, but maybe in a bit of a different direction. I’ll just say, the guitar work on the song is really fun, but I think its a strong song all around.

3. Are you happy with how In My Life Today has performed so far? Surpassing 11k must feel good!

Yea, definitely. Its our biggest song, thus far. Part of me is shocked with how people have gravitated to it, but glad people are continuing to return to it. As a musician, I tend to throw music out there, whether its listened to or not. So, the fact that people are still listening is pretty rewarding and keeps me excited about giving them new tunes.

4. With this in mind, where would you rank this banger in your discography?

Oh, now that’s tough. I would say, top 3? I’m still fond of Live to Love (as my number 1) and This Dissonance (as a number 2). But, then again, give it another few months and I might change. Once we start playing shows again and we’re playing this song every night, we’ll see if it still has staying power.

5. What inspired the lyrics to IMLT?

I really like writing about nostalgic feelings and ideas. The whole concept of reviewing your life is important to me. The first line, “I saw it rain at the gates of hell today / life will never ever be the same,” came from a moment in Israel (about 2 years ago) when I stood at a place the Bible calls the Gates of Hell/Hades. It is a temple to Pan (fertility god). And, I had always heard the term “Gates of Hell” but standing in the real place gave me this really weird nostalgic feeling where I had to rethink what I had always understood. In that moment, I started rethinking all of life, and the important things in my life (my wife, kids, family, faith, friends, etc) really came into perspective in a new way. So, the song flows from that, but I wanted the song to be grounded in the present, so its not just looking at the past but its a celebration of life today.

6. What was the song writing process for this track, compared to releases in previous years?

I had the basic melody and lyrics down, then I brought it to the guys and our producer, Geoff Rockwell, and we started digging into it together. We have developed a cool organic process of dissecting and rebuilding songs. At this point, we feel comfortable with each other enough to criticise an idea without attacking each other. So, we’re able to take a song from a rough draft idea to ready to record within an hour or so. Once the song has been put through the rewrite process, we’ll then start recording the different parts. I think this song was recorded in just a few hours in the studio (minus instrument set up/breakdown). A lot of that is due to Geoff, our producer. He’s a master at his craft.

7. Can you share your funniest show story with us?

I’m sure you would get a different story from each of us, but one of my funniest stories was also super frustrating and painful in the moment. We were playing down in Corpus Christi, TX, and while we have close friends of ours there, we are not super familiar with the place. The tour had been a bit rough already, logistically speaking, and it was our first show out the gates. So, it wasn’t a strong start, but we were going to make the best of it. Within a few seconds of the first song my mouth touches the microphone and I had this searing pain shoot through my face and down my spine. Everything goes straight white, like I’ve died. Somehow, I kept it together and kept the song going, but I had no idea what happened. Within a few more seconds, I did the same thing. Mouth touches microphone, searing pain, white light, I think I’ve died. I quickly realise the sound system has a short in its electrical wiring and I’m getting shocked everytime I touch the mic. I have a moment of panic because I want to complain to the sound guy, but I also don’t want to come off like a whiny dude since I’m in a punk rock band. So, I literally suffered through the rest of the show. I think I was shocked about ten times that whole show, but it wasn’t too obvious to the crowd. I had said something to the sound guy once and he replaced the mic, but that didn’t fix the short. Oh well, at least I didn’t die!

8. Once permitted, where would you most like to play?

We really want to play anywhere, honestly. Our home turf would be nice to place again with all our friends and family. But, there are some places we want to hit really bad around TX. I want to hit up Chicago and Florida with some friend bands. Really, anywhere would be nice!

9. Who has the worst tattoo?

Timmy has a tattoo that says “Orange Chicken” in Chinese. That’s probably the “worst.”

10. Leave a message for fans reading…

We love ya’ll. Keep your heads and hearts up. This world can be tough some times, but you’re not going through this life alone. We will be playing as soon as its safe to again, but feel free to reach out to us directly if you ever need someone to talk to. Ya’ll are the reason we keep doing this!

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