Interview – Nomad Anthem

Nomad Anthem are a trio from Newcastle, England. Their members consist of;

  • Doogy – Vocals / Guitar
  • Wig – Bass
  • Mat – Drums / Vocals

1. Let’s jump right in! Your latest release, ‘Rising Up’ is amazing! I still have the chorus stuck in my head! What inspired this track lyrically, and instrumentally?

Doogy: Thank you! Lyrically it’s kind of like a love story with the lead character role being music. It’s about the ups and downs I’ve had with it and a time when I decided to walk away only to realise that was a mistake. Thankfully we’re stronger than ever right now!

Wig: Bass wise I was really in to chromatic runs when we were jamming it. So I was trying to get a lot of that in, I like the way it bridges the gap between chord changes.

2. Are you happy with how the song has performed so far?

Doogy: Absolutely – I think in comparison to our previous three singles, you can really hear the growth within our sound. With the current restrictions on playing shows, we’ve worked on this next batch of songs two or three times longer than the previous set which has enabled us to create something really special.

3. What inspired the funky video to accompany the track?

Wig: It was just a random idea to start doodling and it grew into something. It then seemed like a cool way of paying tribute to all the people who have helped us out so far.

4. You will also be doing another one! Does this mean we will have new music soon? Enlighten the fans on how to get involved!

Wig: Yeah we are doing another one of these videos and people just need to let us know if they want to be in it, then I can create the least offensive drawing of them possible.

5. You have a few singles out at the moment, does this mean there will be a full EP/album to come soon?

Doogy: We’ve got a three track EP due out in September which we’re very excited for you all to hear and we’re planning to start on the next batch of recordings very soon.

6. What was the writing process for Rising Up?

Doogy: I initially wrote this as an acoustic song having had the idea in my mind for about a year or so before Nomad Anthem got together. And it works on that platform but as soon as we jammed it with the full band everything just fell in to place right away and it transformed to another level.

Wig: Doogy usually turns up with the guitar and vocal then me and Mat jam. It’s nice, Doogy gives us freedom to play what we think works.

7. Who has the worst dress sense?

Wig: Me. It’s like I failed an audition for a nirvana tribute. Captain 90s. No checky shirts though, just black. Always black.

Doogy: I mean, have you seen Mat’s Flamingo shirt? If you have, no explanation is required haha.

8. What is one thing we should introduce to the scene?

Wig: Money, haha!

Doogy: I’d love to see bigger touring artists/the larger venues provide regular opening support slots at their shows for emerging artists. Very much like the Fireball Tour only across the board. There’s so much talent out there going unheard right now.

9. Can you share your funniest show story with us?

Wig: In Doncaster we were playing away and Mat’s stool started to sink. Every time we turned around he was a little further down until there were just two drumsticks sticking up in the air from behind the kit.

10. Leave a message for the readers.

Doogy: We’re super stoked to be releasing our new EP in September and we can’t wait to share it with you all. Keep following our socials for al the latest info.

Wig: Thanks for checking us out, we appreciate the support.

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