Review – One Million Motors (The Loudest Sounds)

One Million Motors – The Loudest Sounds EP Review

One Million Motors present to you their latest EP ‘The Loudest Sounds’. This melodic punk-rock band hailing from Newcastle- Upon-Tyne have poured their all into these four tracks. With comparisons from the Menzingers to The Descendents, this four piece’s diversity is on full display in ‘The Loudest Sounds’.

Former Glories is the opening track to the EP, and welcomes us with an upbeat, youthful attitude. East Midlands accents trickling through vocals and a great guitar tone tie ‘Former Glories’ together in a neat little bow.

Lead single ‘Mistakes’ is one of the punkier tracks on the EP. Grittier vocals match lyrics of messy nights out in this energetic single. A well-placed guitar solo soars through just before the track’s electric crescendo. By the end of this song you’ll be thinking wistfully of drunken evenings and singing along to their chorus of “even the loudest sounds won’t cover up or drown out our mistakes”.

The Loudest Sounds takes a welcome change of pace with a rockier vibe in We Came to Live. Heavy pounding drums and riffs dripping in reverb take the lead in this poetic single.

Final track B-Movie is a personal favourite of mine, but then it does have everything I love in an upbeat pop-punk track. With one of the catchiest riffs on ‘The Loudest Sounds’, this track will have you tapping along almost immediately. Playful drums and plenty of ‘woahs’ fill out this track that would neatly nestle in a 00s movie about growing up.
One Million Motors have really put the effort in with ‘The Loudest Sounds’, and it has paid off, too. Their ethos of just figuring it out and having fun along the way is carried through every track in this incredibly enjoyable EP.

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Words by Selina Payandee.

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