Interview – The American Standard

The American Standard are a trio from New Jersey, USA! Their members consist of;

  • Greg Nottis – Vocals / Guitar
  • Sean Fisher – Bass
  • AJ Viana – Drums

How are we doing? You released your debut LP just over 2 months ago! Are you happy with how it’s performed? Has it achieved what you wanted it to?

FishHey, we are all doing well – everyone in the band has been safe so that’s awesome. I think the album has done great so far. It got a really decent amount of attention, something I don’t think we really expected given the fact that it was released during a pandemic. We heard nothing but good things about it, we’ve each been interviewed several times which has been cool, and we’ve gained some new fans because of it. We definitely have a lot to be happy about.

How did you approach the song writing for Stations? Was there a big comparison to the 2 EP’s and this LP?

GregWe approached the song writing the same as we do with every song or release. I usually come up with the skeleton and make a demo and make some sort of quick drums and bass. We all go over it and when we meet up we make changes as needed in the arrangements or riffs. While we’re doing that Fish and AJ are coming up with their individual parts and I’m coming up with lyrics and vocal melodies.

Every track is a certified banger, it’s so difficult to pick a favourite! I would have to say “That’s What The Money’s For” (or Abandon Me) is mine. What’s yours?

Greg I love “Fall Right Through,” “Bright Lights” and “That’s What The Money’s For.” I just think they’re incredibly catchy and really encompass the kinds of sounds that we wanted to achieve on the album. “That’s What The Money’s For” is the heavy aggressive track, “Fall Right Through” is the catchy pop-punk song, and “Bright Lights” is the straightforward rock track with the huge ending that really finishes off the album.

What inspired your lyrics for Stations?

GregI have a hard time writing lyrics. They usually have to have some theme or story to follow or they end up just being nonsense. Some songs are about certain people in my life, or they’re just some theme I made up when writing the music. One or two are about more personal emotions I was going through at that time; luckily I was able to think of ways to rhyme about it.

AJGreg writes out a rough drum part and I’ll take it and see if I can work in some accents or ways to help build the part so it’s a little more dynamic.

What were your plans to support the album? Were there a lot of live shows planned across the USA?

FishThe plan in the beginning was probably just to play a ton of shows and spread the word as much as possible. That’s all you can do, really. But by the time we realized that the album would probably be getting released in the summer, Covid was already starting to rear its head in the US. Obviously physical shows will be pushed back until it’s safe to go back out, but we are planning on releasing a live session from AJ’s studio within the next couple of months.

What is one thing you think we should introduce to the scene?

FishProbably Covid tests so we can start shows up sooner.

What has been the biggest challenge of your musician careers so far?

FishI wouldn’t say we’ve had any gigantic challenges. We’re not superstars by any means whatsoever, so if you consider relative obscurity a challenge then I guess we’ve faced our fair share of challenges. But we have only ever made music that we love, and we’ve had a blast doing it. Can’t really complain about that. Be the hardest working musicians at the club that night and you’ll have fun no matter how many people are watching.

Given the chance, what one musical artist would you like to collaborate with?

AJBloodbath or Sia.
GregBayside or Thrice, cause they’re tight.
SeanBayside or Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters. To play with either would be a dream come true.

Leave a message for the fans reading…

AllWe appreciate every single person who has taken time out of their day to listen to us. Any local band can attest to this, but you have to have thick skin to pour your heart into something, push it out into the ether, and hope that someone, anyone, finds it and loves it half as much as you do. Hearing so many positive things about this album, about our songs, about our musicianship, really drives us to keep making more art and to keep having fun doing it. The only thing we ever ask of people is to continue to share our music if you can. If you dig it, show two friends. Local bands can only make as much noise as the people around them. Thanks to everyone who has listened; you are our best friends and if you want we’ll play your birthday party.

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

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