Catholic Guilt Drop New EP “This Is What Honesty Sounds Like”

Melbourne, Australia’s Catholic Guilt have just released their new EP ‘This Is What Honesty Sounds Like,’ a stunningly confident 5 song EP that heralds the arrival of a band on the brink of greatness.

Frontman Brenton Harris says, “Our vision for This Is What Honesty Sounds Like was to express these five very different human experiences of isolation, frustration, love, anger and loss, in a way that showcased the musical growth of our band, without losing any of the emotional intensity. At their core these five songs are about truth and honesty. They display who we are now as people and as musicians, while giving some clues as to who we want to be in the future.

Making this EP was both a cathartic and revelatory experience. There’s some harsh truths here, but there’s also a lot of hope and self-discovery. Instrumentally, thematically, personally, collectively these are the five best songs we have to offer. It is a very honest record. A very human one.“

Earlier this week Catholic Guilt launched their own video game, a 100% free and 100% cute three-level 8-bit platformer called ‘Furrend Finder.’ The game sees you play the part of kitty ‘Lucy Furr’ as she goes on a quest to find and rescue her furrends from the cage of loneliness. Be sure to avoid those dangerous pitfalls and cucumbers, as you shoot love hearts at the bad dogs and birds trying to keep Lucy Furr from freeing her furrends.

‘Furrend Finder’ is based on the EP’s lead track ‘A Boutique Affair’, an energetic punk rock anthem about the increased difficulty of making friends as we age, that ‘PopMatters’ called “An accidental anthem for the pandemic”. ‘Furrend Finder’ even features an 8-bit reimagining of the single as the game music and it is a total bop!

Spotify / Facebook.

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