Eerie Shores Crash Back In With New Single “Cover Me”

Buffalo, New York alternative rock band Eerie Shores has long been a campus favorite at Fredonia State University and has been steadily expanding into the Buffalo and surrounding music scenes since their debut EP, Wicked Disposal. Despite a chaotic and dangerous climate amidst COVID-19, the group has been silently preparing for their next chapter as a band.

With that in mind, Eerie Shores looks to come out swinging with their new single, “Cover Me.” The track is packed full of raw, fierce emotion, fluctuating song structure, intricate levels of instrumentation, and the ever clashing dynamic of heavy, yet melodic rock that always blends fans from multiple genres. Singer Alex Vasiloff says the song touches on, “… living and trying to grow in a confusing, unforgiving world. And, not knowing where or who to turn to when you’re overwhelmed with life’s curveballs. The song’s namesake lyric comes from wanting to hide and escape from this world, but knowing there will be someone to show you love and appreciation.”

Growth propels “Cover Me,” as the bands newfound maturity in their writing, performing, and eagerness to break out of their local bubble surely motivate their creative processes. Eerie Shores chose to work with RJ DeMarco at Skyway Studios, who has just as close a relationship with their writing method as each band member. Familiar fans will be excited to see a refreshing take on what they have previously known Eerie Shores to be. While new listeners will be smacked in the face with a unique sound they will want more of.

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