Review – Another One Down (Stuck In The Wake)

Another One Down – Stuck In The Wake Single Review

Another One Down present to you their latest single ‘Stuck In the Wake’. Since stepping into the game in 2014, Another One Down have relentlessly proven themselves in the pop-punk scene. This single appears to take heed of their prior 2019 ‘Sulk’, moving into a more alt/emo direction. ‘Stuck In The Wake’ displays this bands cohesive and loud sound at its finest.

Another One Down have clearly honed their musicality throughout the years, and this melodic track shows just that. Deafening drums echo throughout, amongst the floaty guitars and emotive lyricism. Lyrically, it has everything you know and love about classically emo tracks. Heart-wrenching words of heartbreak and loss and a particularly catchy chorus make the song one to remember. Lead singer Marcus meanders through gentle vocal tones to the punchier chorus of “Stuck in the wake, of heart break” effortlessly.

From a musicality standpoint, this band is doing great things. Interesting riffs and fills here and there pack the track out, and a tasteful guitar solo at the single’s crescendo ends the track on a high. All of this paired with its tight production, ‘Stuck In The Wake’ sounds like a massive track already.

Another One Down have seriously put the work in all these years doing what they love. This departure from pop-punk not only makes sense for a maturing band, but it works incredibly well for them. ‘Stuck In The Wake’ is an incredible alt track that will have you anticipating to hear what’s next from Another One Down.

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📸 – Ashlee Giovanella.

Words By Selina Payandee.

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