Review – Eerie Shores (Cover Me)

Eerie Shores – Cover Me Single Review

Buffalo, New York based Eerie Shores recently released their new single ‘Cover Me’. It is incredible, the alternative group have brought the rain with a twisting and unexpected anthem. The band also flexes their ability to pull from many genres, combining elements of pop punk, metal, hardcore, and alternative into one impressive and cohesive sound.

Building off their debut EP released last year, “Cover Me” represents the first music from the group in almost a year. Vocalists Alex Vasiloff and Andi Pszonack layer their lyrics with emotional delivery, providing a brilliant ride from start to finish. The crunchy bass line of Jame Sprecker flows throughout the track. The drums are simple but effective, as they play their part and overall the guitar work is fresh and interesting.

Dripping with appeal, “Cover Me”, covers all the bases. Acting as a musical compass as we enter the final quarter of our year indoors. This is the first huge single of the Fall season, make sure to add it to the “Fall Bangers” playlist. It’s already on mine, which will undoubtedly be full before the season ends. Make sure to check out Eerie Shores and their new single “Cover Me” out now!

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