Band of the Week – Lost Like Lions

Lost Like Lions started in the spring of 2014 when Derrik (Vocals/Guitar) began writing songs right around when his old band broke up. That Summer he went out to Los Angeles to record the debut EP “The Way of The World” which featured guest vocals from Aj Perdomo (The Dangerous Summer), and Jon Lullo (Down To Earth Approach/The Seams).

Shortly after the recording of “The Way of The World”, Derrik enlisted a lineup including Jamie Bigaj (Guitar) who played with Derrik in his old band. Unfortunately, that run was short lived and life got in the way. After only 3 shows the band had stopped, the last show being in April of 2015. Fast forward to the Summer of 2018, Derrik and Jamie ran into each other at a local music show in their hometown of Buffalo, NY. This is where the first discussions began regarding reforming Lost Like Lions. This led to Derrik writing songs again.

Those tracks ultimately ended up being the “NAVIGATE” EP. Derrik recruited Jamie back, as well as adding two newcomers to the fold. Matt Kusmierz on bass, and Jim Kaczmarski on drums. For the last year and a half the band has been practicing, and working on their newest ep, and first one recorded together “The Devil That You Know”, which was released June 12th, 2020. It includes the newest single “Enemies”, as well as two other tracks that the band have been writing and playing at shows for the last 6-8 months called “Something Else” & “Run Away”.

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