Octopus Montage Delivers Video For Brand New Pop-Punk Anthemic Single “Grow Up”!

After the reasonably generated significant attention to the band’s profile and music, resulting in amassing more than 5 million collective streams on Spotify, energetic UK pop-punk quartet Octopus Montage unveils the anthemic, angst-driven brand new single “Grow Up” – the first instalment of the group’s soon to be released full-length album – “How To Live And How To Lose”! Utilizing a distinguishable combination of dynamic guitar lines, vibing rhythm and memorable vocal parts, all outlining the sincere essence of the song, “Grow Up” is showcasing Octopus Montage’s creativity as a way to reflect on how the music industry works and presents the group’s outlook on how an artist can succeed, even if they don’t tick all the right boxes.

Taking its cue from the lyrics, “Grow Up” is filled with a strong stick-it-to-the man appeal. This message is birthed from the band’s experience and from watching newer artists that are struggling to get a chance in their local scene, leading to some excellent talent simply giving up. For Octopus Montage, giving up was never an option, hence “Grow Up” serves as a cathartic retrospective and also as a sign that by pushing forward, the break will inevitably come.

Spotify / Facebook.

📸 Ellie Shaw

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