Elm Tree Circle Release New LP ‘No Fomo’!

Skate, Punk and Heartbreaks are the first associations that come to mind whilst listening to Elm Tree Circle. Released on May, 11th 2018 through Krod Records “The Good Life” is a wonderful piece of modern emo-punk that inherits all the classic influences of their 2000s pop-punk
heroes paired with a good touch of emotional lyrics, melancholic chords and distinct vocal lines that spin in your head after the first listen.

Elm Tree Circle have evolved to a one of a kind fan favourite with their first single and top track “Feel The Burn“ gathering over 690,000 plays on Spotify since its release. The press is equally impressed and shares great reviews for the band that has relentlessly been touring the whole world, playing shows in Europe, the UK, Asia and Australia whilst sharing the stage with such iconic acts as Pears, The Ataris and Such Gold.

The song ‘I Got It’ describes one of those moments life seems to kick you whilst you’re down. When everything goes to shits you just wanna say fuck it and burn the whole place to the ground.
Of course we are exaggerating but who can’t relate to that. The story in the song is about someone who just found a disturbing message on a phone. Turns out it’s his/her partner’s phone who
just lost an affair. A crappy way to find out that your partner was cheating. The story continues at a gas station where the downward spiral continues. It’s a semi-fictional story that emphasizes the theme of our upcoming album “No Fomo” aka fear of missing out. Our sophomore album takes a spin at the modern phenomenon of never feeling enough in a world of constant connectivity in social media.

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

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