Interview – Wilted Flower

Wilted Flower are a duo from Nottingham, UK! Their members consist of;

  • Micki – Vocals
  • Ryan – Guitar

1. So of course, your latest EP ‘Here Lies Our Love’ has been out a little while now. What has the reception been like? Are you happy with how it’s performed?

The reception has been super great! We’re so chuffed that so many people like it! And it’s a major step up for me lyrically & as a musician, and the first project that both Ryan and I worked on. I feel like my first album didn’t really reflect what I wanted Wilted Flower to be where as this record and being a two piece just feels right! It felt weird not touring/playing shows with it, as I feel like that’s a better way to gauge the reactions!

2. If it is okay to share, what inspired the lyrics to HLOL?

Last year I experienced a long term relationship breakdown, my fiancée left me after having fallen out of love a while before the relationship ended and the lyrics kind of explore how I wasn’t aware she wasn’t happy, consciously anyway. There’s a lot of metaphors surrounding death and marriage, as it also touches on the people close to me who have died as well as the love that died! But yeah the EP is about heartbreak but addresses where I went wrong as well, so it’s more introspective than a regular heartbreak record! 

3. What was the writing and recording process like? Also, what were some of the thoughts and feelings you went through while writing the album?

So we actually have an album written and ready to record that was set to release this year, but in late may/early June it was coming up to the time I was supposed to be getting married to my ex which obviously sparked a lot of feelings and I wrote Widow on one of my lunch breaks and just knew then that I had to release it and then I kept writing and we were like sweet… let’s release an EP ASAP because it was important to me that it came out around that time to keep the feelings raw. So it was a mad 6 weeks of writing and recording! Recording is always a hard process. I put everything I have emotionally into my vocals and because I try to be as honest as I can in my lyrics I feel like the vocals should reflect that. So yeah, rough one to record, but other than that it was quite smooth sailing just a bit rushed!

4. You recently played a live show in a local venue of yours, what was the ‘new normal’ for gigs like?

It was really odd. I felt really nervous as it’s been so long since we’ve played, there wasn’t many people there but it was really nice to play outside and It was super spaced out. I’m used to chatting to people after we’ve played but obviously with social distancing that didn’t happen which felt super odd so I didn’t really get insight to how it was from a viewers perspective! 

5. Is there an interesting/weird/funny fact you can share about the EP?

Ryan engineered and mixed/mastered the EP and has never done that before at all so he literally taught himself in 6 weeks and we’ve had so many compliments on the production! I’m so happy with it. The production, amongst other things musically, really let my first album down.
Funeral Procession wasn’t one of the songs I wrote for the EP, it was an adhoc track we put together for the trailer and we just decided it was a good way to start the album as it has a lyric from each EP track in it!
Another cool fact, I have a stutter, but we decided it would be cool to record me saying the wedding vows in Residing in a Graveyard which was scary and quite a bit deal for me!

6. What does the future hold for Wilted Flower?

I’m constantly writing and have a major backlog of songs that need recording! But the album I mentioned earlier will be coming out next year, and we plan to release a couple of tracks later this year! We’re hoping to do a DIY tour as soon as it’s safe to do so but yeah, recording recording recording really!

7. What was your first performing gig experience like?

Terrifying. I never really did covers live, so when I was around 16 I did my first show with my own songs from an EP I released in college before I became Wilted Flower and playing your own songs is always scary because it’s putting you and your emotions out there! But I definitely caught the performing bug and try to play as often as I can now. My stage presence since then has changed massively, I’d always play sitting down and I’d never say much so I’ve come a long way and have a lot more confidence – got a long way to go still though!

8. What has been your biggest challenge in your musical career so far?

I think I struggle most with having to do it all myself, not as much now with Ryan involved, but being an Indie/DIY artist is hard! And when you put your all into your music, and pour so much emotion in it can be really disheartening to not reach as many people as you’d like. I think I like to hope that my music helps people feel less alone I guess?

9. What has been the most surreal moment of your musical career so far?

Probably playing a set on one of the camp stages at 2000trees! I loved that festival so I was super honoured to be there sharing the stage with some wonderful musicians who are now friends such as Chloe Glover, George Gadd and Luke Rainsford! (Check them all out)

10. Leave a message for the readers!

We have been Wilted Flower! Thanks so much for reading, and if you’ve heard the EP thank you so much! And if not, check it out! We hope you’re all keeping safe and well! Catch you at a show some time 🥀

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