Boys Of Fall Releasing New Album ‘Distance’ On November 20

Detroit quintet Boys Of Fall will be releasing their label sophomore album “Distance” via InVogue Records on November 20, 2020. The album will feature 10 new singles that will catch your attention from the first note.

Vocalist Michael Martenson says, “Distance was such a different experience and journey than I ever would have imagined going into an album. Every band progresses and changes over time and we all collectively felt like this was the album we were supposed to make all these years. It blends the catchiness and grooviness we’ve always tried to capture while diving more into our heavier/emotional roots. Distance really talks about change. The lengths we travel in our lives through so many situations that bring you to where you are now. It’s very personal to all of us and was the most honest expression of who we are as a band today.”

The band also released the first single which is the album’s lead/title track, “Distance.”

Martenson adds, “Distance is the album title and opening track. It is everything we wanted to be as a band and exactly how we wanted to start the album. We wanted to bring the listener in to understand the story and let the emotion build and lyrics carry you through the song. Distance sets the tone for the entire record and was very unique to us and what we’ve done before. It wasn’t your typical album opener and that’s what we loved about it.”

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📸 – John Fleischmann

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