Interview – Rain In Death Valley

We spoke to Bradford based trio ‘Rain In Death Valley’. RIDV consist of;

  • Sami Javed – Vocals & Guitar
  • Like Thomas – Bass
  • Adam Zdolyny – Drums

1. Hey guys, hope you’re well! Your 2nd release ‘Burning Bridges’ came out just less than a week ago, are you happy with how it’s performed? What has the reception been like? You’ve racked up a lot of listens!

Yeah, we’re super happy with how the new single has been received! We’ve had no negative feedback and almost everyone has said they prefer it to our first single which was our main aim. Since we’re quite young we just aim to be getting consistently better as we go on so the fact that people can see the improvement is really nice for us.

2. What was it like recording the video to accompany the release?

The video was quite a challenge because we had never done anything like it before. We also had some problems with the location because of the virus but in the end we’re really happy with how it turned out. We’re very lucky to have a friend who’s experienced in film making and who was happy to help us with it. With the tight budget we had we weren’t sure if we’d be able to pull it off but he helped make sure it was perfect.

3. What was working with the legendary producer himself, Bob Cooper?

The studio is one of my favourite places to be in the world because of how creative you can be just surrounded by instruments and musical people. Bob really made it feel relaxed and professional while making sure he got the best out of us. The attention to detail is also insane; I was sat there playing drums for like 2 and a half hours while he dialed in the tones and that wasn’t even recording anything. We had never been through that level of attention to detail but, in the end, we realised the difference it made because everything sounded exactly how we wanted it. With him being a fan of our kind of music he also knew what we were going for without much explanation needed and I think ultimately his knowledge of the genre helped us the most.

4. Can you tell us about what inspired the lyrics to Burning Bridges?

Lyrically the song is about the difference between two types of people. People who live care free with money and a comfortable life and people who have to fight to survive every day. The idea behind it comes from the idea that the people living in comfort do their best to pay no attention to the people in need because that’s the easy way to be. It takes effort and sacrifice to help people in need so people don’t do it; they pretend they don’t exist burning the bridges that should bring us together as humans.

5. Take us through a typical songwriting session with RiDV…

We’ve tried a few ways of songwriting but we always found that the best songs come from when the songs are written individually and then brought to the others. So our general songwriting process is, I write a song at home and record a bit of a demo, then I’ll send it to the others for feedback and what they like and don’t like. Then it’ll just be about adding and changing things as time goes on to make it a better song. I always do instrumentals before lyrics because I like to make the instrumentals enjoyable to listen to even if they’re by themselves then I get a feel for the lyrics and what the song should mean after.

6. With 2 singles under your belt now, what can fans expect to come next?

We have another song completely finished and ready to go but we’re spending some time doing videos and things again before we release it. As far as what the song is like, I don’t want to spoil too much but it’s very different and it’ll be a song that will stand out from our current music and the music to come after it because of how different it is.

7. 2020 has been taken over by Covid of course, what was the original blueprint for this year, and how has that changed now?

Our original plan was to start gigging properly after Fire in Our Eyes was released but, since we had no chance to do that, we decided we’d get busy writing and recording new music. As much as the year has sucked for us all, it has also allowed us to be more productive and get a lot done for the band. Just hoping it doesn’t go on for too much longer we just want to play some shows!

8. First gigs are always tricky, what was RiDV’s first gig experience like?

Technically our first show was actually a battle of the bands. It was obviously a little nerve racking beforehand but I think once we started playing we got in the zone and it went away. We do our best to be as professional as possible so there was no way we were gonna play a gig without knowing we were definitely ready. No one wants to listen to a band play their songs badly so we put in a lot of work for it and we were really happy with how it went. Obviously no gig goes 100% perfectly but for a first gig we only made a couple small mistakes that weren’t big deals so we were happy.

9. If you could tour with any artist who would it be? (Dead or Alive)

Well with my favourite band being Rise Against that’d be my obvious answer. But bands like A Day to Remember, Green Day, Anti Flag, Beartooth etc. would all be dream bands to ever play alongside. Our ultimate dream as a band is to play a festival like Download Festival though since it’s the festival that we go to every year and it’s just the perfect place to be with music tastes like ours.

10. Leave a message for the readers…

If you haven’t checked out our new song, Burning Bridges, and music video, go check it out; we’re really happy with how it turned out and hope you like it as much as we do. And for everyone that has checked us out thanks for the support and we hope you stick with us for what we’ve got lined up soon. Thank you!

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