Review – Fluorescents (Dead End Conversations)

Fluorescents – Dead End Conversations Review

Chicago based outfit Fluorescents have released their sophomore EP ‘Dead End Conversations’. The release blends catchy hooks, nastly guitar licks, a few breakdowns and an overall marvellous sound. Showcasing an impressive balance of influences, this band raises one important question: Are they Bringing Easy-Core back? Fluorescents may have the answers to this question.

“In My Head” opens the EP with a building pop punk sound, showcasing some of the range of Vocalist Tyler Milka while mixing in a driving riff. The song does feature a guitar solo, something you will rarely see. Showing off the extreme talents on guitar this band possesses. “T.A.S.T.” is a heavier track to continue the release. Tonally shifting, from the intro to a slightly darker mood. The vocal rhythms on this song are ridiculous, dancing over the top of the chugging guitars and delivering the punchy lines. This song also stands as the first dip into Easy Core on this EP. With a slapping breakdown that hits like ice water to the face.

Third song “Back for More” stands as the gateway to the end of the EP. Normally bands start to lose some steam somewhere on a release. Not Fluorescents, placing their foot further on the accelerator. While this song traverses the usual easy core theme. The song is paced so much faster than the first two. This track sounds most like their previous EP ‘Losing Sleep’, it’s nice to see them stick to their roots.

Now we get to the juice. “Not Another Pop Punk Song” might be the gnarliest of the songs presented. The layered vocals, the bass line, the drums slapping away. This is easy core, this is pop punk, this is music. Easily said this is the summit. The entire song is heavy, then they crank it up a notch for a breakdown. It’s transporting me back to a simpler time. This song is going to tear up a Chicago venue in the near future and hopefully with some luck i’ll get to see it in person. Closing out the track list is “Dormancy” the lead single from the release. Notably mastered by Seb Barlow of Neck Deep. This is the poppiest song here, and it’s still pretty heavy in its own right. Showcasing the potential for mass appeal within the pop punk market. The lyrics feel more introspective and inward facing rather than based on external issues. Equaling out to the perfect closer.

Overall Fluorescents have released 5 bangers, put them all under one roof and torn the house down immediately. Dead End Conversations is a catalyst. It will undoubtedly kick off massive adventure for the Chicago quartet. The previous EP was good on its own merits. The sophomore puts this band in the stratosphere. So is Easy Core back? It seems it never actually left. Dead End Conversations is out everywhere now. Don’t miss out.

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Words by Justin Mostaffa.

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