Interview – Eerie Shores

We spoke to Eerie Shores, who are based in Buffalo, New York! Their members consist of;

  • Alex Vasiloff – Vocals / Guitar
  • Andi Pszonak – Vocals / Guitar
  • Dan Calderone – Guitar
  • James Sprecker – Bass

1. Hey guys! I hope you’re all well. It’s been nearly a month since Cover Me came out. What has the reception been like? Are you happy with how it’s performed?

Dan It’s been great man! All we wanted was for it to do better than the last release, and it definitely has. We’ve gotten some amazing press and reviews from it and our Spotify numbers are shooting up right now. We’re stoked man!

2. What was the songwriting process like for CM? Did you vary it from the tracks on Wicked Disposal, or did you try a different technique?

Dan – We’ve for sure grown to be more critical songwriters, which is a good thing. “Cover Me” didn’t come together easily by any means. We actually had a whole other song written, played it a few times, and then decided we needed to start over again and changed practically everything. So this song was in the works for well over a year. This time around though, the whole band contributed to the song. It works best when each member uses their creative voice together. 

3. What inspired the lyrics to the track?

Alex – The lyrics were inspired by a build-up of stress and being upset with the way things were going in my life and the world around me. Which went on to create the message of the song – trying to grow in an unforgiving world. 

4. When will we hear a new release? Do we have a date for the new record?

Dan – No date yet, unfortunately. With COVID and some other life responsibilities, we’re just now getting back on the grind. But we’ve been creating every day and are fuckin’ excited to get new tunes out. I will say, our future plans are going to be big. So stay tuned until early 2021!

5. What’s it like releasing material and not being able to promote it?

Dan – To be honest, it wasn’t too bad. We just hammered social media with any creative promo we could think of and took out Facebook ads. We love making dumb videos to promo things too. But yeah, it’d be nice to play a show and person-to-person promote again. We’re all just aching to play a fuckin’ gig again, ya know. One day… 

6. Where do you guys rank this in your discography? Does it go straight to the helm of the throne?

Alex – I definitely feel this release is the most mature and most authentic song we’ve written. It was written as a whole band and not one person so we feel more connected to this single as a whole. But Ghosts (Dried Out) still slaps!

Dan – For sure. “Cover Me” really made us think, “how can we create and personally challenge ourselves but have it connect emotionally with the world too?” 

7. What has been the most surreal moment of your musical careers so far?

Dan – Ahh, I don’t feel famous enough yet to answer this question. If I had to pick though, it’d be our EP release show in 2019. Being our first album, I didn’t have high expectations for a turnout. But we ended up selling out the bar (Blackjack’s in Fredonia) and hearing the room shout back our lyrics nearly made me tear up on stage. It was a beautiful moment. 

Alex – When James ate a bowl of spaghetti on stage during a gig. Just ate some pasta and rocked, ya know. Then he threw it in the crowd and yelled “pasta party”! Just kidding, that last part didn’t happen. But, playing Town Ballroom in Buffalo (a staple venue) felt amazing for all of us.

8. Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or a horse-sized duck?

Dan – I’ve played Red Dead Redemption, so I could probably tame a horse. Think about how sick you’d look traveling on a duck-sized horse. 

Alex – I wouldn’t fight either of those combinations! I would love to have duck size horses as little pets and then get rid of my car to ride around town on a horse-sized duck. That’d be a trip!

9. Who has the worst dress sense?

Dan – Alex because he wears these weird Keen sandal things ALL THE TIME. Even to play concerts. I’m gonna start a Go Fund Me to get him fashionable footwear. 

Alex – James has the worst dress sense but the most confidence out of anyone. That boy will wear iPhone earbuds as earplugs during gigs with the chord hanging in front and just rock it the whole time. 

10. Can you share your funniest gig story with us?

Dan – The last gig we played I cut my finger open on my guitar during the first song. I went through the whole set gushing blood. My guitar was freakin’ COVERED red, blood splashed onto Alex; it was pretty demonic-looking so I think we scared some of the crowd. 

Alex – Hmm, when Trevor got into a car accident to avoid band practice for 3 months. Just kidding, we love you Trevor. (But yeah, get better buddy). I’d seriously say the spaghetti thing was pretty great. 

11. Leave a message for the fans….

Dan – From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for taking the time to listen to our music. We put our emotions into this shit, and it’s amazing to see y’all connect with it. I know we take a while, but there will be new music soon and it’s gonna be the best stuff yet. Much love from the Eerie Shores team. 

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

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