Review – Death of Youth (Suburban Dystopia)

Death of Youth – Suburban Dystopia EP Review

South East London based hardcore duo Death of Youth return with their second EP ‘Suburban Dystopia’. Handling hard-hitting topics such as mental health, and allegations surrounding bands in the scene, Death of Youth aren’t ones to shy away lyrically. This heavier sounding EP presents us with a more assured presentation of what these guys are capable of.

Lead single ‘Faded Nostalgia’ follows on nicely lyrically from their prior EP ‘Between Chapters’, with Rob’s harsh vocals cutting through the more melodic elements of the track. Shortly after, ‘Cover Feature’ explodes onto the EP with angst and crashing drums to match. Dealing with that aforementioned topic of band members getting exposed for sexual misconduct, it is refreshing to hear a band so passionately vocal. “Abusers don’t belong on the front of magazines / Or in venues full of impressionable fans”. Raw emotion pulls through in this single, pairing with some great chord progressions.

‘Blind in One Eye’ continues the theme of indignant screams matched with incredible bass tone. Written just after the (UK) December election, Death of Youth perfectly portray their annoyance at the attitudes of the government towards the average person. Something that becomes all the more relevant as the months go on.

Solidly finishing with ‘You’re a Crook, Captain Hook’, yet another relatable single regarding mental health issues. Fans of hardcore will see how Death of Youth have tapped into their influences in this single, displaying as polished a sound as Funeral for a Friend, Touche Amore and La Dispute. Suburban Dystopia ends on the perfectly haunting “I guess some demons never die”, a lyric that lingers in your mind for quite a while.

With five tracks that run just under 12 minutes long, Suburban Dystopia manages to pack in a hell of a lot of energy in such a short amount of time. If you’re a fan of that melancholic / melodic hardcore sound, you’ll love Suburban Dystopia.

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By Selina Payandee.

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