Review – Get The Fuck Outta Dodge (We Make The Future Here)

Get The Fuck Outta Dodge – We Make The Future Here EP Review

Garage punk duo ‘Get the Fuck Outta Dodge’, hailing from Sheffield, are definitely making a mark in the scene. Proceeding their LP ‘Climbin’ Higher Than King Kong’ they present us with even more intense riffs and gritty vocals in latest EP ‘We Make the Future Here’. Taking influence from the likes of NOFX, Descendants and Black Flag, the duo presents us with a varied and intense overall sound on ‘We Make the Future Here’.

Title track ‘We Make The Future Here’ crashes around for just over a minute, with a heavy bass tone and shouty vocals creating the perfect amount of ‘noise’ you’d want and expect from a band like this. You’ll be wanting to instantly replay this nostalgically fuzzy track over and over again. Matching this energy, second track is the sweary ‘Let’s Get Fucking Physical’. Dripping in distortion and a great riff, it would have been great to see the energy it exudes in a live setting.

Encapsulating the band’s vibe perfectly, ‘Fight Like a Bear’ packs in yet more repetitive lyrics, heavy riffs and pounding drum fills. Completing this incredibly short burst of an EP is ‘Never Seen Con Air’ and ‘Art of A Good Put Down’. ‘Con Air’ gives us more of what we’d expect, fuzzy riffs and a great hook. ‘Art of a Good Put Down’ presents a little something different, with a moodier sounding bass tone and more-present drums. Paired with yet more titular and repetitive lyrics, it rounds the EP off neatly.

 ‘Get The Fuck Outta Dodge’ play with such authenticity and style, you won’t even notice that they’re not doing anything particularly ‘new’. ‘We Make The Future Here’ is a fun, fast, punk-y EP that will appeal to anyone who wants a five minute injection of adrenaline filled nostalgia.

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Words by Selina Payandee.

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