High Sierra Club Announces New Single & Fundraiser for Shade Tree of Las Vegas

Las Vegas based Pop-Punk band High Sierra Club have released their new single “I Know You Hate it Alone”. For the entire first week of release (Oct. 2nd – Oct. 9th), HSC will use 100% of the proceeds to buy supplies for Shade Tree of Las Vegas. In addition, HSC is spending $150 on supplies.

The Shade Tree Organization provides safe shelter to homeless and abused women & children in crisis. Per their website, Shade Tree believes “That homelessness is a community problem that impacts everyone,” and that “everyone can be a part of the solution”. They’re open 24 hours a day and always offering support. For the full list of items that Shade Tree accepts as donation, click here: https://www.theshadetree.org/get-involved/. Head over to https://highsierraclub.bandcamp.com/ to donate. Just name your price to download “I Know You Hate it Alone”. One-hundred percent of your donation will go toward supplies for Shade Tree of Las Vegas.

“I Know You Hate it Alone” focuses on the realisation of a toxic and distrustful relationship, revealing the signs noticed by a skeptical partner as they observe actions and words not matching up. Drawing influence from the likes of The Story So Far, Deftones, and Citizen, “I Know You Hate it Alone” is High Sierra Club’s most genuine effort yet. 

The members of High Sierra Club have never wanted to write anything but genuine music from their own life experiences, and they’ve always wanted to encourage others to feel their emotions instead of run from them. Born from the internet, High Sierra Club formed in August 2018. The band began as strangers with one common interest — playing music. Matt (guitar/vocals) met Jake (bass) on Twitter, and they met Lyle (drums) after he responded to Matt’s Guitar Center ad. The band struggled for the first 3 months to even write their first song, and it took them 6 months before they played a show. They grew together over time and now have played multiple shows in California, Utah, and almost 50 shows within their first year playing live.

Listen Here.

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