Review – Bellevue (Rinse & Repeat)

Bellevue – Rinse and Repeat Review

On September 25th Pop Punk duo Bellevue releases their latest single “Rinse and Repeat”. Yes you read that correctly, a pop punk duo. Bellevue defy all expectations as a duo, providing a huge sound, mesmerizing lyrics and harmonic vocals. Shane Tasker and Cody McManus wear many hats. Both flex backgrounds in Digital Audio arts, with the help of session musicians when needed.

This band takes the notion of a “two piece” and flips it on its head. These two extremely talented musicians are ready to change the way we hear pop punk and the extremely high quality output they bring is very impressive. While preparing this story I had the privilege of driving across the American Midwest. The hills rolled past my windows as “Rinse and Repeat” bounced through my car speakers. This is a stellar road trip song, which is more of a bonus.

Bellevue has provided us with a stellar single. This supremely interesting band isn’t going anywhere, make sure to check out their high quality single streaming now. Bellevue will also be releasing new music in the coming weeks!

Spotify / Facebook.

Words by Justin Mostaffa.

📸 Alan Bremner.

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