Review – Tired Radio (Patterns)

Tired Radio – Patterns Album Review

Sometimes you find a band that just excites you from your first listen. Tired Radio are that band. Their debut album ‘Patterns’ started making waves from its release back in August and has everything you could possibly ask for from a Brooklyn-based melodic punk band. Frontman Anthony Truzzolino’s melancholic, confessional lyricism and signature rasp dominate the record. Pair this with the fuzziest of riffs and catchiest of hooks and you have an album that is going to be hard to top for the rest of the year.

Kicking off with ‘Hurt Less’, a Tigers Jaw/Front Bottoms-esque acoustic track, prepping you for the remaining 7 tracks that will plummet you into existentialism (in the best way!). “Making Plans” is up next, bold and brash with its huge production and snappy drums. Great lead guitar riffs and tone meander amongst reflective lyrics and gritty vocals. Themes of depression and anxiety take the creative lead in this track, neatly setting us up for the rest of the debut album. “Remember when you told me that I’d never change, that I would always stay in the same damn place? Well you were dead wrong ‘cos I’ve been fixing my brain and I’ve been feeling real good as of late”.

“Send for a Hospital” greets us with a great lead riff once more and presents some of the most vulnerable lyrics of the album. Stripped back musically, “Send for a Hospital” is an honest, captivating track that will have you both heartbroken and tapping your foot simultaneously: “I’m bearing the weight of a soul that’s been bound to a lifetime of suffering”. Moving into the next track “Mostly Downs” effortlessly, another track presenting an honest diary entry into Anthony’s life.

“Five Day Bender” gives us a welcome bouncier change of pace, taking us with them on their alcohol-infused road trip through Colorado. Crunchy guitars and yet more explosive drums carry the energy in “Five Day Bender” which teeters on the verge of being a pop-punk summer anthem.

“Stay Home” brings us back to reality lyrically, all the while having fun with a loud-soft dynamic. Further confessions of self-medicating and isolation sets up final track “Gouge”. Layers upon layers of reverby chords, echoey drums and haunting vocals build to make “Gouge” the perfect end to “Patterns”.

There’s just something effortlessly cool about Tired Radio. Maybe it’s Truzzolino’s cigarette-laden vocals that carry the dark lyrics so easily. Tired Radio have shared this gift of an album to you, and you’d be doing something seriously wrong if you didn’t check out “Patterns” right now.

Spotify / Facebook.

Words by Selina Payandee.

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