The Night Terrors To Release Debut LP

Calgary power-trio The Night Terror’s release debut, Songs to Keep You Up at Night

Calgary, Alta. (September 16, 2020) – The irony of a first chapter packed with transformation is not lost on The Night Terrors, a band who embrace the monstrous imagery that comes with the name.

Since 2017, the Calgary-based three-piece has refined their rough-and-tumble power-pop sound while life milestones have subliminally found their way into their craft. Fatherhood, career changes and living through uncertainty has led lead singer David Drebit to pen introspective lyrics for the nine track LP surrounding mortality (27 Club), shifting priorities (Grand Distraction) and battling apathy in day-to-day life (Dreamer’s Disease).

Building off expertise gathered through previous efforts with local indie rock powerhouse Deluge, Drebit and bassist/vocalist Kurt Kluba have taken their collaborative approach to another level with The Night Terrors, bringing in Nathan Kunz (In Search of Sasquatch)on drums to round out the three-piece attack. Songs to Keep You Up at Night alsosees Kluba take a more hands-on approach on vocals, creating dual vocal strikes which beckons to acts like Taking Back Sunday and The Libertines, while influences ranging from Hall & Oates to Queens of the Stone Age occupy the instrumental soundscape.

Through production by Mercury Recordings’ Chris Fawcett, the album’s scratchy, distortion drenched guitars and vocal cord-straining performances capture the intensity the band strives to deliver. Paired with a DIY attitude and an overabundance of ambition, The Night Terrors are set to continue to push forward off the momentum of their debut, finding ways to surprise fans as well as themselves.

Songs to Keep You Up at Night is set for release October 23, 2020 across streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. “27 Club” is streaming now, accompanied by the group’s DIY sci-fi inspired music video.

Songs to Keep You Up at Night came from a constant state of overthinking instead of sleeping. It was like the more I thought I had things figured out in life, the less I actually knew and it was a really disconcerting feeling. Getting to work out these ideas and thoughts every week with my brothers Nathan and Kurt as we wrote this album has been incredibly cathartic. There were so many late nights driving home from tour so we could work the next day where we’d start talking about the song, but it would always push us to talk about our lives and experiences instead. I wouldn’t trade these songs and the bonds they’ve helped create for anything.” – David Drebit, Guitar and Vocals

“Writing this album with Dave and Nathan has been a dream. The Night Terrors creates an environment where the thoughts and stirrings of life can be honestly and openly discussed – a gift I treasure. Taking on more of an established role with vocals has been a personal growth challenge. The hesitation and discomfort of hearing one’s own voice has transformed into a melodic and harmonic experience I am truly proud to have had a hand in creating. I’m so excited for this album to finally be heard.” – Kurt Kluba, Bass and Vocals

“The Night Terrors have been an opportunity to push myself in matching the creative and technical mark Dave and Kurt lead with. Every show we play feels like it has potential to fall completely off the rails, but that just adds to the energy. There’s a freedom to letting loose and going for broke that we embrace, and I think that shines through on this album.” — Nathan Kunz, Drums

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