Interview – Get The Fuck Outta Dodge

Get The Fuck Outta Dodge are a 2 piece from Sheffield, their members consist of;

  • Rene Dorset – Vocals / Drums
  • James Bonsall – Bass / Vocals

1. Hey! I hope you’re well! You guys have already had a very busy 2020, an LP, EP, 2 singles AND a remix of your 2019 LP. What can we expect from the rest of the year? Another 5 LP’s?!

Ren: I’ve never really excelled at doing nothing. I mean, I made a website the other night because I got bored!

James: I’ve already written LP3. I’m just waiting on him to do his thing.

2. Was this your original blueprint for 2020 then? Did you want to put out ‘TSAO’ and tour the album to support it? Was it planned to release so much or was this down to covid? How did the blueprint change because of the virus?

James: There was no overall plan for 2020, we’re a bit less organised than that. We had a studio booked to record the follow up to Climbing Higher, Hitting Harder Than King Kong but covid messed that up so we ended up doing ‘These Songs Aren’t Ours’ instead. We bought cables and microphones off the internet, plugged them into broken macs and work Ipads and recorded an album without even seeing each other. 

Ren: When lockdown got lifted we managed to get into the studio to record Buzzkill. We knocked out 12 songs in like 6 hours, we hadn’t even bothered to practice beforehand. We’d never played the song Buzzkill together, seriously we had only written it like 18 hours before it was recorded. That’s kinda why we named the LP after it. 

3. What made you decide to do a remix LP of your debut ‘CH,HHTKK’?

Ren: I just needed something to do. We originally grabbed the stems from the album for the sole purpose of asking the internets to do some remixes for us. As I had used Garageband to record ‘These Songs Aren’t Ours’ and ‘We Make The Future Here’ I just thought, maybes I can remix them stems. I really liked how they turned out as I think it sounds as if you were in the room with us when it was recorded.

4. Onto your EP, I love ‘Never Seen Con Air’. I just wonder what inspired these lyrics specifically?

James: Hahaha! Neither of us have seen Con Air! Not due to anything really apart from never getting round to it but it’s just one of those films that if you say that you have never seen it people act like you have just shit your pants in front of them…”What!!! You have never seen Con Air? WTf”  This response has made it impossible for us to watch, it might just be the best film ever made but it’ll never live up to the hype. Who wants to watch a film knowing you’ll end up disappointed?

Ren: The verse was originally gonna list all the Nic Cage films we’d seen, then hit the chorus with “never seen Con Air” but that idea ended up being scrapped because it was too hard to fit in Peggy Sue Got Married.

5. Carrying on the lyricism question, what was the general inspiration for the lyrics to the EP? 

Ren: It’s not about much really, I tend to just collect lists of pretty sounding words or things that I have said or heard then mould them into a melody, adding and changing things along the way. I mean on ‘Let’s Get Fucking Physical’ I lifted words from Olivia Newton-John and Def Leppard only because they are cool and they fit.

6. Can you share an interesting / funny / weird fact about We Make The Future Here?

James: I suppose the whole thing was only written because we were waiting for the 2nd LP to be made.  Apparently a global Pandemic can cause a shortage in clear square vinyl so it has taken a good few months for the record to be made. We haven’t even played 4 of the 5 songs together yet, which I suppose is a bit odd, oh and Ren bought a toy record maker from Japan to make the vinyls.

7. Can you share your funniest show story? I can imagine each show is amazing if you use the energy you put into your tracks! 

James: Ren smashed his spex off his face halfway through the 1st song at our first gig. He’s that blind he couldn’t find them ‘till about 15 minutes after we had finished!

8. Where would you most like to play? (Once permitted again)

Ren: Anywhere that’s small dark and sweaty, I don’t think our sound would work anywhere else.

9. What’s your favourite pizza toppings?

Ren: Just every single one of the brown meats!  

10. Leave a message for the readers!

We are two clueless imbeciles that could barely play our instruments a year or so ago and we’ve managed to make some kick ass music from nothing. What’s stopping you?

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

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