Interview – Fluorescents

We spoke to Fluorescents who are a 4-piece from Chicago, USA! Their members consist of

  • Tyler Milka – Vocals / Lead Guitar
  • Bobby Guidi – Vocals / Bass
  • Sasquel Roby Exum – Rhythm Guitar / Vocals
  • Alex Klump – Drums / Percussion

1. Hey guys! Hope you’re well. Jumping straight into your EP ‘Dead End Conversations’, are you happy with how it’s performed? What has the response been like in the first 3 weeks of the record?

Bobby: I think we’re all very happy with how the EP turned out. Our producer Joe Scaletta does a great job of finding our sound and making everything polished and big. The response has been awesome, I think people can see all the progress we’ve made since dropping “Losing Sleep.”

Tyler: Very much so! Although we’d love to be playing them out live it’s doing very well in terms of streams and hype. 

2. Taking it back to last September, I want to ask what the plan with Seasons was? Why was this released as a single, and not on either ‘DEC’ or Losing Sleep?

T: Seasons didn’t quite fit the vibe of Losing Sleep and we wanted to something to keep in our back pockets to keep the hype going after it dropped. I imagine it would have ended up on Dead End Conversations if Alex drummed on it. 

B: Seasons is a song we had been sitting on for a long time, and we didn’t really think it mixed to well with the other tracks on Losing Sleep. At the same time I think we didn’t want to wait all the way until DEC to release it, and the end of the summer seemed like an appropriate time for it. 

3. What made you pick Dormancy as the lead single for this EP over the other tracks?

T: Dormancy was just the first of the tracks we had ready to go. We wanted to get something out between Seasons & Dead End Conversations which was originally scheduled for a mid summer released. We felt Dormancy was a good winter & sort of served as a metaphor for us coming our a long break with no new releases. Plus it gave me a chance to rock my AWESOME jacket in the video. 

4. Did you try anything different writing these songs compared to your debut EP? How did you approach the song writing this time? Did it work better for you?

T: The song writing was definitely more collaborative than it was in the past. We all came together for these and it shows in the final product. Expect that more in future releases with an emphasis on songs sounding as energetic live as they do on record. 

B: I think we really finally started to find our sound with this EP. The first year or two in a band is all about coming together and seeing what kind of music fits all of your backgrounds, personalities & writing styles etc. We went a little heavier and punkier with DEC and I’m very happy with the direction we’re moving, and I think the fans are too.

5. What inspired the lyrics to Dead End Conversations?

B: I wrote lyrics for Not another pop punk song and TAST. NAPPS is basically just your typical cheesy story of liking a girl, but not being able to get her. TAST is a little more in depth. The song is supposed to capture my distaste towards the pop music scene, and wanting the world to go back in the direction of rock and roll, which I think it’s starting to!

T: Mostly Pizza, Skateboarding & Girls

6. I must admit that ‘In My Head’ is my favourite bop on this release! What’s your favourite?

B: I know Tyler is very happy to hear that! My personal favorites are TAST and In My Head.

T: Aye!!! Honestly, mine has fluctuated but I feel myself coming back to In My Head & Not Another Pop-Punk Song (NAPPS) the most. 

7. How long did you work on the whole process start to finish?

B: Well we originally wanted to release the EP back in April, but Covid really stalled the whole process. We’ve been jamming these songs for a good year now so the release was long overdue! 

T: Recording started just after the release of Seasons. So about 9 months total for the whole recording process. Drums were supposed to be tracked in April but we had to push it back due to covid. We had our first Midwest tour planned once the EP dropped but obviously that was scrapped because of covid. Maybe next year. 

8. Obviously you aren’t able to perform any of these songs live at the moment, which must suck! Are you planning a big return to the stage? A big welcome back into the Chicago scene with a killer record would be amazing! 

B: We have nothing planned as of now, but once we get word that we can play shows again I promise we’re gonna get something big going. 

T: Yeah & we’ll probably try & bring Warped Tour back. 

9. Has Tyler (or yourself) started repairing his dress sense? We need to know if his hideous jackets are still doing the rounds…

T: We’re actually planning to do a limited run of hideous Fluorescents Jackets. Should we put you on the preorder list? 

B: Haha! I don’t think any of us could get Tyler to stop wearing those ugly jackets, but that’s what’s great about him! The guys an individual through and through and one hell of a musician. It’s all of our personalities/styles together that make us unique and makes the music come together. 

10. What does the rest of the year / early 2021 hold for Fluorescents?

T: More writing & recording, lots of pizza. Keeping busy and active as best as we can. 

B: Currently working on some new songs that we’re all very excited about. And hopefully sometime next year we can start rocking some shows again.

11. Would you rather have fingers for toes, or toes for fingers?

B: Definitely fingers for toes! Might be kind of hard to play bass with toes on my hands!

12. Leave a message for the readers! 

B: Thanks for listening and supporting us! Cant wait to see all your beautiful faces in some big sweaty mosh pits next year! Much love 

T: Wear your masks & Vote!! 

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