Review – Bear Away (Never In The Same Place)

Bear Away – ‘Never in the Same Place’ EP Review.

Scarborough-based quartet Bear Away are the amalgamation of fragmented local bands and a love of all things “punk”. Though fairly new to the scene as ‘Bear Away’, these guys are by no means amateurs and have cultivated their collective skills to create a really resplendent EP. ‘Never in the Same Place’ is clearly just the beginning for this ambitious four-piece.

Opening track ‘Parts and Labour’ bursts in with deafening drums and introduces us to Bear Away’s excellent guitar tone. Catchy lyrics fill in the gaps and provide everything you would need from a melodic punk track. Existential ‘Is There Any God up There?’ is packed with crashing cymbals and soaring vocals and is the highest energy of the four tracks. Penultimate and catchiest single ‘Growing Up’ confesses to the downfalls of getting older and all the responsibilities tied to it. With all the momentum of your favourite punk tracks, the infectiously memorable ‘Growing Up’ is a highlight of the EP. You’ll be singing ‘growing up is a waste of time…” to yourself long after listening. Final track is the fast-paced “Never Complete”, driving drums push the track forward, and some well-placed ‘woahs’ make ‘Never Complete’ perfectly sing-alongable.

Bear Away are just an overall crowd-pleaser of a band. Understanding what works for them, it is no surprise that ‘Never in the Same Place’ has such an accomplished sound for such a ‘newly formed’ four-piece. At just over ten minutes long, this snappy EP has a little something for everyone. Fans of melodic punk / anything alt will easily find something they’ll want to replay here.

Spotify / Facebook.

Words by Selina Payandee.

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