Review – Loss Of Signal (You)

Loss of Signal – You (Single Review)

Believe it or not, there was once a time when pop punk reigned supreme. Blink 182, New Found Glory and Sum 41 were the biggest bands on the planet dominating radio airways, Hollywood movie soundtracks, and every party playlist you had heard in the early 2000s. However, while that time has now come and gone, music has evolved and times have changed, and there’s no track I’ve heard that encapsulates that era of time better than Loss of Signals, ‘You’.

The Irish pop punk trio deliver an absolute monster of a track with this latest release, marking themselves as a seriously gripping act to keep your eyes on straight from the get go. ‘You’ opens up with a slick but skilful drum lick, which is positioned with a captivating high pitched guitar accompaniment before smashing into that nostalgic, early 2000s pop punk fashion that’s instantly recognisable. The speedy drumming holds the back bone of this track and is helped out with a tight bass locking in that sound and both setting the pace, allowing the melodic guitar sequences to take over and guide you throughout the runtime of this track leaving a melody that’s so catchy and so reminiscent of artists like New Found Glory and Blink 182 you’ll think you’ve just time warped to 2003, the glory days of pop punk.

This single pulls you straight in from the very start and after demonstrating some solid instrumentals we get our taste of the vocals which are carried out really well. As a genre pop punk is all in the emotion and sentiment and there’s such an effortless passion with this track and very little strain behind vocalist Darios delivery that it makes for a really cohesive listen. Lyrically the track focuses on a lack of confidence and uncertainty, a relatable subject and one that is well documented in the pop punk community but Loss of Signal add their own little spin to it, the simple one word “You” practically says it all and captures what the track is all about. The band have stepped up to the mark and demonstrated their ability on ‘You’.

The performances on ‘You’ are exceptional and it’s clear the band took real care when it came to every aspect of the track in recording, song writing, delivery and performance and that’s something to appreciate, that attention to detail to not only create a pop punk release but actually craft something that can borrow from the genre and ultimately become their own. The production is super smooth and not too compressed which makes the harmonies throughout this track really capturing, and easy on the ears especially reaching that pre chorus section with the “Yous” and peaking at the final act where the band just really come together to deliver the finale of the piece, powerful vocals, frantic drumming, a locked in bass and lead guitar melodies hitting you at every turn, a perfect way to see this track off.

Loss of Signal seem to have no problem when it comes to delivering sure fire material, this track really is one for the punks, one for the misunderstood, under appreciated, and mistreated. ‘You’ defiantly has that anthem styled ring to it and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t absolutely love it.

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Words by Dylan Booker.

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