Band of the Week – Fluorescents

Tyler, Bobby & Sasquel have been jamming together since high school. After playing in various bands in their local scene, they eventually linked up again in 2018 to form Fluorescents. The goal was to create something edgy & modern yet nostalgic & catchy. Taking influence from older favourites like Blink 182 & Fall Out Boy & modern acts such as The Story So Far & Neck Deep, Fluorescents works to bridge the gap between the pop-punk they grew on & the pop-punk that fuels them today.

Their debut EP “Losing Sleep” was released in July of 2019. It featured singles “Complacent” & “Down to Earth” and was their gateway into the Chicagoland Pop-Punk scene. Their original drummer departed soon after the release and Alex joined up in August of 2019. After the release of the single “Seasons”, Fluorescents kicked the gigging into overdrive, playing all the classic Chicago venues such as Subterranean, Chop Shop and Cubby Bear. Their biggest show to date was the inaugural “Pop-Punk Xmas” show hosted in the Subterranean main room which almost sold out! 

All the while, they had been writing and recording for their follow up EP “Dead End Conversations”. You can hear the energy kick up tenfold with the new release! It’s a lot more fun & geared for live shows. You can really hear all the unique influences that each member brings to the table. The EP contains a lot of modern EZ-core influence as well as that catchy nostalgic pop-punk vibe from the early 2000s that you just don’t find that often in today’s pop-punk music. Fluorescents is beyond stoked to share the next phase with the world and look forward to the day they can return to the stage! “Dead End Conversations” came out Friday September 18th!

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

📸 Kylie Chiyoko

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