Interview – Bellevue

Bellevue are a duo from Alberta, Canada! The duo consist of;

  • Shane Tasker – Vocals
  • Cody McManus – Guitar / Vocals

*All answered by Cody McManus

1. Hope you’re doing well! Rinse & Repeat has been out 3 weeks now. Are you happy with how it’s performed? What has the feedback been like?

The feedback we have received from our fans was great! Everyone really enjoyed the track, we are really pleased with how it has done so far given it is our first independent release since 2017. We love figuring out how to do everything band related on our own and finally have the opportunity to do that once again. This year has been a wild ride for everyone, ourselves included, and we are just more excited than ever to be releasing music!

2. Rinse & Repeat is clearly an outlier from your EP ‘Picking Up The Pieces’. What made you release an acoustic track over your usual upbeat material?

We wanted to present our song ‘Weight’ in a new context. Lyrics are to be interpreted differently for everyone, and the way we interpret the song has changed since we wrote it. Reimagining it as ‘Rinse & Repeat’ allowed us to build the music around a new message and a new inspiration behind the song. While fundamentally the same at its very core, the feel is very different and we intend for our listeners to have a drastically different experience between the two versions.

3. What was the inspiration behind the lyrics for Rinse & Repeat?

“Rinse & Repeat” washes away the old and welcomes in what is new, both with the music and in the message. In this difficult journey we are all navigating, it’s about overcoming the weight and hardships that every individual experiences on a day to day basis, but above all, it’s about falling forward and landing on our feet; knowing that if we try our absolute best in everything we do, we can rise up and succeed.

4. You have announced your reimagined Vol. 1. What will this entail?

Reimagined, Vol. 1 will comprise of 4 tracks. ‘Rinse & Repeat’ and ‘City Lights’ are the focus of the EP with the other two tracks being spoken-word tracks. We are constantly evolving our sound as a band we wanted a way to bridge the gap between our old songs and our new music to come. By reimagining two songs off the old EP we allow our listeners to recognize a song they already love but present it in a new style.

5. What was it like recording the video for R&R?

The video for ‘Rinse & Repeat’ was shot by our mate Franky from Alone I Walk. He flew out to Toronto with us when we recorded our EP ‘Picking Up The Pieces’ and documented the whole experience. Before we moved away from the EP entirely we thought we best reflect on the experience of recording those songs. That was our first time in the studio as a band we really wanted to show to our listeners what amazing opportunities we have from making music and more importantly for us to look back on how much fun we had during that time.

6. Comparing your previous material to your new. What did you do differently? Did you change the songwriting approach?

We haven’t written any new music for this release, but our process of recording and track has changed drastically. Shane and I have had to overcome recording a record without seeing each other so it has been a process, to say the least! There is nothing that will stand in our way when it comes to making music.

7. Your cover of MGK’s track “Bloody Valentine” has got a lot of love! Will we hear more covers from you? Is MGK a new inspiration for you too?

We did the MGK cover because we loved the song. As soon as we heard it we knew he was going to give the pop-punk genre and scene a huge boost. We recorded that in the spring as COVID was in full force so it was more just a fun side project for us. We would love to continue making covers in the future as we have a ton of fun with them. As for MGK, his new record has been a huge inspiration for us! Since we formed Bellevue we have wanted to bridge the gap between pop music and punk music, and we believe he did that incredibly well. Only time will tell how the new tunes shape up, but he is certainly a new influence on us!

8. After seeing your youtube video (and expressing you’re such a #6), we want to ask just how many guitars you have had and what the total cost of that was!

HAHAHAHA I believe I currently have 10 guitars, some of them I let friends borrow years ago and have completely forgotten about. Over my life, I have probably had 15, once I buy one I never sell it.. guess I’m a true collector, they make great wall art! I am always looking for good deals on used guitars so if I can scoop one up at a good price I know I’ll make money on it if I ever have to sell it (which I don’t). Of the 6 guitars I can see right now they are probably worth a combined $4000, a lot of money but nothing too crazy!

9. What can fans expect after the reimagined record?

Following the reimagined release, we have some really cool remix collaborations coming out over the winter, one a month essentially. Then we will finally be dropping brand new songs come the spring which we are so excited for. We haven’t released music in so long so we want to make sure we build back up the hype behind Bellevue before dropping brand new content. If anyone is interested in a sneak peek at what we are working on we share that all with our BELLEVUE PLUS+ community. If you want to learn more head to

10. Tell us about your best and worst memories from tours!

BEST: We sold out our second show on our May 2019 release tour. It was my hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta and I had no clue so many people wanted to see us. I never thought we would come close to selling our a show but somehow we managed to do it. The support we have is some of the best around!
WORST: We once got robbed in Rochester, NY for a jerry can of gasoline. While we are so fortunate not to lose more and not to be hurt it was a truly terrifying experience and one that no one should have to go through. We were naïve, polite Canadian boys that ended up in the wrong neighbourhood and it could have ended very badly. We have since learned that we need to be a little more cautious while on the road in large cities!

11. Leave a message for fans!

Thank you for supporting us! Seriously, this year has been crazy and everyone has been dealing with a lot yet somehow you all still time to say hi, comment on our post, and listen to our music. While we write songs for ourselves, we make the music for you. Every step of the process has you in mind and we just want to give you our best all the time, so thank you for being so accepting of all we do. If you to continue to help out, be sure to PreSave Reimagined, Vol. 1

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📸 Alan Bremner.

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