Interview – Tired Radio

Tired Radio are a something piece from New York! Their members consist of;

  • Anthony Truzzolino – Vocals / Guitar
  • Ryan Barnes – Guitar
  • Jay St Angelo – Bass
  • Kevin Daly – Drums

*All answered by Anthony Truzzolino.

Your debut album has now been out around 2 months, and we’re loving every second of it! Has it performed how you want / exceeded expectations? What has the response been like?

Aw right on! I’m really glad you guys dig it! The response has been insane. Far exceeded my expectations for sure. To be fair though – I do tend to set my expectations pretty low. I’m riddled with self doubt and I just really wasn’t sure anyone would give a shit about the record but I sure am pumped to have been wrong about that. 

You released 2 tracks back in 2017, what happened to create a 3 year break in your music? Why weren’t these put onto Patterns? I think they’d suit it very well!

When I released those 2 singles back in 2017 I really wasn’t sure what Tired Radio was. I was writing a ton of stuff but I was too insecure to ask other musicians to be a part of it so I knew I wasn’t going to be able to play the songs live. I just knew I really wanted to put those songs out into the universe and so I did. The response was pretty lackluster to say the least but I was ok with it cause the fact that even one complete stranger bought the tracks on bandcamp was mind-blowing to me. I mean the songs were free to download and someone liked them enough to give me money which meant the world to me. But yeah, after Dead & Gone came out I continued writing tons of stuff – I just decided not to put it out. Some of those songs ended up on PATTERNS all these years later and others are currently being fleshed out for the next record. I’ve had a few people tell me I should’ve included the first 2 singles on PATTERNS. I guess I really dropped the ball on that one haha. But to be honest I love PATTERNS exactly how it is. There’s just something about the flow of the record from start to finish that just feels perfect to me. 

What was the general inspiration for the lyrics on Patterns? Was there an artist / album in particular that inspired lyrics?

My lyrics are almost always inspired by my own suffering lol. That sounds dramatic but it’s the truth. On the outside I’m this huge goofball of a human being and I try not to take life too seriously but I’m a very deep feeler and my mind is a dark and scary place. My songs are where that dark and scary place finds its voice. 

I assume amongst many others, but my favourite is ‘Making Plans’. Can you give me some more information about this track? What are your favourites too?

Making Plans seems to be a real crowd favorite! When I recorded the demo, before I added any lyrics I originally named the song ‘FUUUCK’ cause when I wrote it I knew it was an absolute banger and every time it kicked in I’d yell “fuuuck” haha. The “I’m making plans to be OK” lyric eventually came and the song got its proper name but it will always be ‘FUUUCK’ in my heart. 

It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite as my favorite tends to change often. Every song has definitely been my favorite at one point or another. At this current moment it’s “This is Over” and my favorite song to play live is “Five Day Bender”. 

What was it like recording the video for ‘Making Plans’?

It was a blast man! It all came together super last minute. We were originally gonna use footage from the studio for the video but we realized we didn’t have nearly enough interesting footage to make a 4 minute video so like five days before the release we got together and just drank beers and hung out and then went to the studio and ripped through the song a bunch of times and I had my buddies Adam and Tom film it and throw something together. 

What will come next for Tired Radio?

Hopefully a spot on the TRL top 10 and a feature on MTV cribs. 

On the video of ‘Send for a Hospital’, can you really run that fast or was the camera sped up? How out of breath was you after?! 

That’s all me baby! No camera trickery whatsoever. I do all my own stunts haha. I’ve always been unusually fast. Especially for a guy who smokes a ton of cigarettes and drinks more whiskey than water. But maybe that’s the secret to my speed? I was dying though man. It was like 85 degrees that day and I had this brilliant idea to wear a hoodie and the first location was these abandoned train tracks in the middle of nowhere and I forgot to bring water. After like 10 minutes of sprinting down those tracks in that heat I nearly passed out and had to send Kevin and Jay out to find some immediate hydration.

Let’s reminisce on some old tour memories! Can you share some of the funniest / worst memories you have performing live?

Unfortunately Tired Radio never got to tour or even play our first show before the pandemic hit but I can’t wait to be able to answer this one day. While we’re here though I guess I can tell you about the time my high school band played a sold out show to like 100 kids and I forgot every single word to all of our songs. That was cool. 

Who has the worst tattoo?

Definitely me. Jay and Ryan take their tattoos pretty seriously and Kevin has no tattoos. Meanwhile when I was 17 I was at a house party and I had my friend (who was definitely not sober) tattoo the initials of my band in big block letters on the back of my arm. Some of my other exquisite works of art include: two slices of pizza drinking beers, a dog riding a tricycle flipping the bird and the words “can’t stop, won’t stop” on my feet. I’m a sucker for stupid tattoos. 

Leave a message for the readers! 

Hey readers, I love yuh! Thank you so much for the support. It really means the world to me. PATTERNS is now available on vinyl so pick one of those bad boys up. Take care of yourselves and others and I can’t wait to see you at a show when the world is a little less broken ❤

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