Band of the Week – Bellevue

Bellevue is a Pop Punk band drawing influences from all over the spectrum. Their 2019
EP release through Penultimate Records, “Picking Up The Pieces”, has out performed any
previous release of theirs and has sparked huge fan growth on all platforms.

Comprising only of two permanent members (and accompanied by session musicians); singer,
Shane Tasker, and guitarist, Cody McManus, have been developing not only the sound but the
entire branding concept and marketing strategy behind Bellevue since their debut. The duo
prides themselves in maintaining a high quality work which expands into their social media
presence and fan engagement.

Bellevue features a unique blend of deep, emotional lyrical content, accompanied by pop driven
guitar melodies and heavy, high impact drums. Their live show has been described as full o
energy and showcases the duo’s vocal harmony abilities. Both members have a strong live performance history, recently touring Western Canada with Chief State and Chase Your Words; in addition performing as session musicians with Alone I Walk, coming off 2018 Supporting North American tours for Abandoned By Bears, We Were Sharks, and PVRIS.

Nearly 60,000 people tuned in in 2017 with the release through Alternative Press Magazine and
over 400,000 have streamed their 2019 release. The growth is evident and Bellevue is ready to
push those numbers with a 12-month campaign of single releases including 2 reimagined
songs, 5 remixed songs, and 3 brand new releases. In addition, Bellevue is looking to hire a booking agent to help them get on the road and play to larger audiences. The band knows if they put the effort in front of the right crowd they can leave a lasting impression through their energetic and engaging live show. By running full backing tracks and a programmed lighting show, the band presents themselves more as a ‘pop’ act than a ‘punk’ band. The upcoming releases demonstrate that the band is looking to broaden their audience into a pop demographic and audience, rather than the niche punk market they have previously found success in.

Shane Tasker – Vocals: from a young age Shane studied musical theatre, voice
and piano; along with earning a certificate in Digital Audio Engineering at SAIT Polytechnic.
Outside of his passion for writing songs, Shane also loves food, fashion, photography, as well
as graphic and web design.

Cody McManus – Guitar & Vocals: Through his years in school, Cody built his musical
background through performing arts and orchestral band. He has since graduated with
Bachelor of Music, majoring in Digital Audio Arts, from the University of Lethbridge. He currently
works as an Audio Technician at Grey Eagle Event Center and operates a recording studio in
Southern Alberta. In addition to audio engineering, Cody’s passions include booking and tour
managing Western Canada Tours, filming music videos, session guitar playing, and finding
ways to stay active within the music community.

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

Photo: Alan Bremner.

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