Review – Radio Aftermath (We Eat The Buffalo)

Radio Aftermath – We Eat The Buffalo (Single Review)

Radio Aftermath are back with “We Eat The Buffalo”, their latest single. Available November 6th, the alternative band have received a fresh injection of punk for a raging frenetic sound.

“We Eat The Buffalo” showcases a harder, heavier and looser sound than their debut “Kiss From A Rebel” (which I had the pleasure of reviewing earlier this year). Where that song leaned heavily onto its anthem styled chorus, this one shifts focus to its verses while still leaving enough love for the chorus.

The drums enter with a classic cadence, while the guitars and bass layer over perfectly into the gravelly vocals. The Leeds, UK band get right to work, a quick intro followed by the first verse diving straight into the deep end. Falling very heavily into the category of punk, complete with a chanting chorus from multiple vocals and a distant scream. As the song closes, it encourages an immediate second listen to take in all of the various aspects. The breakdown is a strong choice; and it pays off well in this case, pushing the listener back into the song.

Radio Aftermath are now 2 for 2. The strength of their debut is only matched with their increasingly broad range. “We Eat The Buffalo”, stands on its own as a strong follow up. If these first two songs are any indication of the E.P they have been working on, then it’ll be an absolutely breathtaking experience. In these troubled times, it’s uplifting to see music this strong still steadily streaming out of the brilliant artists worldwide. Out November 6th…

As their new track isn’t available yet, listen to their debut track “Kiss From A Rebel”.

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Words by Justin Mostaffa.

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