Interview – Bear Away

Bear Away are a quartet from the town of Scarborough, UK! Their members consist of;

  • Jacob – Vocals / Guitar
  • Dom – Guitar
  • Lewis – Bass
  • James – Drums

1. How are you all keeping? Your latest releases Old Friends/East Coast have been out for a few months now. Are you guys happy with how they’ve both been received?

Good thanks! Yes we’re really happy with the feedback we’ve had. Its gone well considering we haven’t played any gigs since February and we’re a relatively small, unknown band. We’re getting plays and new fans from all across the world!

2. Old Friends/East Coast both definitely have your signature ‘sound’ and energy! What was the inspiration behind both of these tracks?

Old Friends actually came together fairly quickly. It’s about thinking back on the friends you have had and the influence they still continue to have on your life. As for East Coast, we’ve played East Coast in various forms over the last year at gigs. We had the chorus but working out what worked along side it took a bit more time. It is about people who move away from their home town in search of something more, only to discover that the grass isn’t always greener.

3. Did you decide to approach the song-writing process with these any differently?

No, it’s all the same really. We demo some ideas first, then we jam it out together and get it somewhere near to finish. Dom then ‘Bear Aways’ it, to give it that signature Bear Away sound, Jacob gets some lyrics sorted and that’s about it, we have a song!

4. I have to say that East Coast is my personal favourite if I had to choose between the two. Would you agree considering its nostalgic feel for your hometown? 

We’re split 50/50 in the band as to which is our favourite, they’re both great songs. East Coast can put you in such a good mood and Old Friends just has that nostalgia feel!

5. What was it like filming the music videos for Old Friends/East Coast? How long did it take start to finish? 

Old Friends was just a load of clips that our friends had taken at previous shows and what we had from practice.

East Coast was filmed one night down on the Scarborough seafront with our friend Ricky. We wanted to show how great our town is and wanted a fun video exposing that!

6. You guys have teased some new tracks coming soon. Can you give us any hints as to what we can expect from them? 

What to expect? Bangers!

7. How have you guys handled not playing any gigs lately? It must be frustrating releasing tracks that you can’t perform yet!

Yeah it’s not ideal but we’re still practicing and writing together. We all work full time so we are keeping busy but there’s plenty of touring bands, crew and venues that need support right now. Stream gigs, buy merch, crowd fund where you can so we can all go watch our favourite bands in these fine venues again in the future.

8. What would you say is your funniest gig story? And what is your favourite venue you’ve played in?

Adelphi in Hull is probably the best venue we’ve played. Great sounding room, historic venue and we we’re supporting Nosebleed who are just an insanely good live band! We’ve not been blessed with any funny moments on stage as of yet. Although I will share that Jacob did turn up to that same Hull gig an hour or so later than the rest of us. He decided to go on a double date at a burger restaurant and not invite the band. Sad stomachs for the rest of us…

9. If you had to choose one artist to switch places with for 24 hours, who would it be?

 Death By Stereo – So for at least one day we could all actually play our instruments correctly.

10. Please leave a message for our readers!

We’ve got a new song coming out before the end of the year, so keep an eye out for that!

Spotify / Facebook.

Interview conducted by Selina Payandee.

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