Band of the Week – Escape The Box

Escape The Box officially became a band in November 2018, but the idea had always been brewing inside Ziey Kizzy’s (Vocals) head, One day after being disenfranchised with his current place in the music landscape he contacted his brother LouZy Hero (Drums) and suggested they bring his idea to life.

Escape The Box was born, both of them reached out to friends to find the right musicians to forge this path with and was super lucky to find Stephen Smith (Bass) and Aaron Maullin (Guitar) who both shared the same vision. Since then their music has grown exponentially reaching over 100,000 people worldwide, the band have also been played on “Kerrang Fresh Blood” and cosigned by Alex Baker as ”A band that you will fall in love with, just like I have”

Escape The Box challenges the traditional ”pop” structure but still manages to sound like a commercial radio Alt Rock band.

This story will continue to grow…

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

Read our full review on ETB’s single “Grey“.

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