Interview – Loss of Signal

Loss of Signal are from the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast! Their trio consists of;

  • Dario – Vocals / Guitar
  • Ash – Guitar
  • Graham – Drums

1. Your bouncy new track ‘You’ is still quite new, just under a month! Has the track performed how you wanted it? Has it exceeded expectations?

Since this was our first release, we had talked about how insane it would be to get 100 streams in 24 hours. However, we where blown away by the fact we got over 500 in that time. We’re so thankful for all the support with that.

2. I just get a huge New Found Glory vibe from your music, ‘You’ in particular. Is this something you were going for? Where else do you draw influence from?

We grew up with bands like NFG, blink and AVA to name a few. Our drummer also takes inspiration from newer pop punk such as Neck Deep and The Story so Far. I think we borrow from that sound but still manage to make it our own. 

3. What inspired the lyrics to “You”?

The song was written to appeal to anyone who had ever thought they found someone to confide in but sometimes these things don’t work out and so the end lyrics reflect the person trying to hold onto what they have only to watch it fall apart. But this might not be the last time these two meet. 

4. How did you approach the song writing for this new track? Did you continue your process from your EP ‘Could Do Better’ or did you explore different routes?

Initially “Could Do Better” was demos made in our guitarists bedroom that they put on their socials to see what people thought. But when our Drummer joined, we started to take a more thought out approach of “what do we want to say, and how do we want to say it” we feel “You” is a nice introduction to who we are.

5. Presumably, ‘You’ is the lead single for a new record! Can you give us any further information on the upcoming record?

Indeed! ‘You’ is the lead single from our upcoming debut album. It will feature 12 tracks, some old, some new. All very much reworked to fit the little narrative this album has, but more on that later…

6. What was it like recording the video for this track?

Our videographer @jammyorrphotography helped us tremendously. We came to him with an idea for a grungy, raw type video and he went crazy on it! He also filmed, directed and edited the whole thing, man’s a wizard. 

7. From that video, we saw that Graham has some “Stay Home” Slam Dunk merch. Do you often make the trip from Belfast to get to Slam Dunk?

Glad you caught that! Figured it was fitting since it was recorded during a lockdown. Slam Dunk is like the second home! Being in a crowd and seeing how much them guys on stage enjoy what they do is the main reason I’ve wanted to make music for so long. 

8. Loss of Signal appeared on BBC Music Introducing on 9th Nov. What was that like for you as a band getting that chance to appear on a nationally recognised radio?

It was surreal! We woke up the next morning to the news. One of the “Could Do Better” demos had been featured once before but having that happen as a full band was definitely a step in the right direction. Was our drummers first time too! 

9. What has been the most challenging thing about 2020? How has covid affected you all?

Initially we wanted to have this album wrapped sooner but lockdowns have definitely effected that process. In saying that, it only makes us more eager to get it done as we’re about 80% of the way there. 

10. Leave a message for the readers! 

We just want to thank everyone for the support on “You” as the reception has been huge for such an unknown band! Also a huge thanks to our producer Zac Pritchett and Fader Mastering! We have plenty more things lined up before the New year and we hope you stick around to hear all we have to offer! You’re not gonna want to miss it! See you soon!

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