Highwind introduces the world to ‘Crashing, Burning’!

Chris Russo has set out to do one thing since he was a teenager; to write brutally honest music that helps people feel something. With the help of Nolan McGovern and Jake Perreault of The Fairview, the latest single from Highwind, “Crashing, Burning,” does just that.

Since its debut in 2018, Highwind has been doing everything in its power to push boundaries in the world of alternative music. “Crashing, Burning,” adds a new layer of color to the sound that Russo has already painted with his solo project. With overdriven guitars, passionate vocals, a bass line that gets stuck in your head, and synths that add a perfect touch of sugar-coated pop, Highwind proves that it wants to mean something to rock and pop music listeners.

A common stressor for everyone who lives in the technologic age we live in today is the pressure of social media and surface level appearance. Highwind talks about this common stressor, and uses the topic of fame and stardom to accurately describe the stress someone may feel because of the toxic standard that has been set for surface level appearance. Towards the end of the song, Russo admits that the world can be a little too much and asks for a helping hand. McGovern and Perreault extend that helping hand and reassure the listener that it is okay to feel pain, and that it is okay to ask for help whenever you need it.

All-in-all, Highwind is ready to take the world by storm. “Crashing, Burning,” proves this very clearly. Russo is holding nothing back with the latest single from his solo act, and this is just the first song of many more to come.

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