Band of the Week – Drag Me Down

Drag Me Down are not a band that lets failure dampen their flame. “Life is what you make of it, I can’t slow down or ever quit” are the words that ride the climax of “Disappointed”, the new single from their upcoming EP, New Today Better Tomorrow. In many ways, never giving up has become the modus operandi for DMD, a band looking to solidify their sonic palette of pop punk and melodic hardcore into something more cohesive and flowing.

In almost every sense the EP encapsulates everything that DMD’s listeners have come to expect: anthemic hooks, flat out pace and a generous amount of tech-punk inspired guitar and drum wizardry. Only this time the band have taken it to 11, with the help of producers Zac Pritchett (Hightail, Whatever Weather) and Grant Berry (All Time Low, Boston Manor, Stand Atlantic). When laid bare, the lyrical content describes feelings of regret, loss and calamity, but counters these with reckless tales of rebellion, hope and ambition, to hopefully shine a light for a generation alienated by society and shunned by their predecessors. With the help of razor edge guitar riffs and rapid fire drum fills, obviously.

Only a year since the band fully arrived on the scene, Drag Me Down have displayed remarkable growth despite their short existence. Starting out as scrappy hardcore skatepunkers, they have progressed to a sound that blends all the best elements of Neck Deep, Fightstar and Saosin into one slick punchy sound. Formed in Swindon in 2019 by Oscar Manners (vocals, guitar) James Bowles (bass) and Tristan Gorman (drums) the band immediately hit the ground running, releasing 4 singles in as many months. Local shows soon followed, with the band hopping on many an opening slot for bands such as Floorboards, WSTR and Thick Skin as well as headlining their own shows in Bath, Swindon, Guildford and more. Making full use of the 21st Century’s tools, the band have connected with a huge online listener base, selling CDs and merchandise in the UK and all over the world, from the US to Brazil to Hong Kong and beyond. 

Seeing a future beyond just their local scene, Drag Me Down have their eyes set on not just their current surroundings – but also the future. But to get to the future, you’ve got to make history first.

Read a full review of ‘Disappointed’ (single) OR Read a full review of ‘New Day Better Tomorrow’ (EP).

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