Interview – Radio Aftermath

We caught up with Radio Aftermath for the first time since May! Their quartet are made up of;

  • Chris Lee Dennett – Vocals / Guitar
  • Sam Moran – Guitar / Vocals
  • Robert Burns – Bass / Vocals
  • Jack Craven – Drums

1. Welcome back guys! I hope you’re well. We’ve had a bit of a change since last speaking in May. You have released another instrumental masterclass. With the (near) 3 weeks it’s been out, how has it been received? Are you happy with how it’s performed thus far?

Jack: Yeah, I’m really happy with the track and from what I have seen people have been loving it. The few reviews we have had have been very kind. 

Rob: Thanks for having us back! It’s been a pretty amazing reception; we’re trying to reach more and more people all the time and it feels like we’ve started gaining some traction there. We’ve got a video on the way too, so that should give it a further kick up the arse!

Chris: Masterclass… haha. You’re too kind! But thank you. It’s been received really well; everyone seems to be digging it, which is a relief. Leading up to the release of a track you’ve usually listened to it so many times that you forget what it’s like to hear it with fresh ears! So, the fact I have mates who don’t necessarily like the genre of music I play who’re still saying to me “mate, this is actually good” Somewhat back handed… But it’s none the less welcome.

2. “Kiss From A Rebel” was all about a girl, what was the inspiration behind these lyrics? Not eating an actual Buffalo was it?

Chris: The title, you’ll be relieved to learn, is not meant in the literal sense! We’ve had this song kicking about in some form or another for a few years. It used to be called ‘The Concept’, which was just a working title the seemed to stick. It was initially intended as a part 2 to an 8-minute epic from our first demo EP called Punish Us. That song was about an atomic bomb going off and being caught in the middle of it trying to survive, hence the EP title “SURVIVE THE BOMB” 

So, We Eat the Buffalo came about when we tried to record The Concept last year, we quickly realised it wasn’t single worthy in the state it was in and needed more work. I got some inspiration witnessing the Black Lives Matter movement earlier this year, so the bomb this time now being more figurative, it’s about rising up against oppression. The oppressed are the lions, they eat the buffalo.

3. In May, you spoke about a plan and obviously due to covid-19 it will have changed drastically. What have you done in light of covid and how have you edited the blueprint for the foreseeable future?

Rob: I said in our last interview, “how do you make God laugh? Make a plan.” 2020 bore that one out. Lockdown ups and downs and a new guitarist search slowed down our plans for writing a full EP and obviously gigs are basically a legend of the before times at this point, so we haven’t managed to cut loose on stage. We did get that second single out though and are sitting on a king’s ransom of new riffs!

Chris: COVID has made everything more difficult and take twice as long, but the plan is relatively the same. We have another single lined up to record and release hopefully in December or January. Then hopefully an EP to follow later next year. Also, GIGS! That’s what I’m missing most at the moment, playing live has always been my favourite part of being in a band.

4. It’s very difficult for me to pick a favourite between the 2. So, I’m going to let you do it! Kiss From A Rebel or We Eat The Buffalo?

Jack: I would have to go We Eat The Buffalo its always been a favourite of mine since I joined the band.

Rob: That’s not fair! I love my ridiculous bass parts in KFAR, but I did manage to also sneak some stunt bass riffing in the new one too, so I guess that’s a tie… I’m going with WETB, new is always better!

Chris: Oh boy… It’s hard as they’re quite different, Kiss has a special place for me as I think it’s still one of the better choruses I’ve written, but Buffalo is really upbeat…I think right now it’s WETB, it’s still nice and fresh.

5. We know that WETB has been written for a few years now, and that you used it when opening a set. Why didn’t you put this track out earlier? Or use it as the debut?

Jack: I think WETB was always on the cards to be a single, but it kept being changed here and there so that why KFAR got the debut release.

Rob: We tried! We actually attempted to record it last January with our old guitarist and drummer, but the quality was lacking. Structurally the song hasn’t changed much but it used to be played a lot faster and none of the hooks had time to breathe. Between rewrites and personnel coming and going we just didn’t have the chance. It’s only very recently we got our shit together!

Chris: I think Kiss From a Rebel was the right way to go for the official debut as it’s a bit more anthemic. WETB works well as a follow-up as it’s more straight to the point, albeit still has some uniqueness and intrigue sprinkled in, courtesy of our resident bass player who recorded lead guitar parts due to Matt’s departure.

6. You’ve recently got a new guitarist too! How is he settling in with the band?

Rob: I’ll let Sam take this one, he’s managed to dodge all of the press thus far!

Sam: I feel thoroughly settled in now! After finding the band vacancy online I immediately got in touch. It was spooky as it was exactly what I was looking for. Since joining it’s been full steam ahead. The WhatsApp chat is popping off constantly with song ideas from all sides and I’m really excited to hear what we come up with in the future.

7. A music video will surface soon for WETB, can you give us some more details? Following Q2… It’s not Chris eating a buffalo, is it?

Rob: I was thinking of ideas involving a giant minotaur head, there was also talk of a big old plate of raw meat being eaten which would have been quite grim. It’s neither of those things by the way! We don’t have a release date yet because our friend Jim ( is animating us an 8-bit Gameboy themed video and you can’t rush perfection.

Chris: We’ve been posting some teasers on our Instagram and Twitter and we’re super excited to show everyone the finished product! Jim has outdone himself, as always! Stay tuned and keep those eyes peeled.

8. When will Father Riffmass give us a new Radio Aftermath song?

Rob: Soon! Very soon! We’re putting our EP together now and want to record an advance single for that very soon. There is also a short spoken word piece called ‘You, and All of Us’ that will be dropping on our SoundCloud/YouTube/Bandcamp accounts soon but there is no date for this yet. So, you’ll need to subscribe to it and keep your eyes peeled! There’s a short trailer for it already out on our YT channel so you can grab a taste of how filthy the riff is.

Jack: Unfortunately, it’s going to be the other side of Christmas in early 2021 for a full new release, but we are all working very hard to get it done and get it sounding sick. 

Chris: Hopefully soon yes! We’ve got more riffs and song ideas than we can keep bloody track of, it’s borderline annoying! Everyday our band WhatsApp group is lit up with everyone sending riffs.

9. Leave a message for the readers!

Rob: Stay in school, drink lots of water, and avoid hard drugs – they make you talk too loud, and that’s annoying. In all seriousness though, I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to check out our music so far! You keep listening to them, we’ll keep making them.

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