Band of the Week – Nomad Anthem

Formed in 2019, Nomad Anthem are a three-piece rock band based in the United Kingdom. Within their first twelve months, they have released three studio singles, accrued over 300 followers on Facebook, are nearing 2,000 Spotify plays and over 1,000 You Tube views.

The rock trio originate from the vibrant city of Newcastle Upon Tyne and have brought their high energy rock shows to venues and festivals across the country including events such as Doncaster VW Festival in 2019. They have shared bills with ‘Ben Catley’ (Perth, WA), ‘Kahuna’ (Newcastle UK), ‘Filthy Filthy’ (Hull), ‘Waters/Kinley’ (Newcastle UK) and were scheduled to perform at the 2020 Great British Alternative Music Festival alongside big hitters like, ‘Stiff Little Fingers’ and ‘The Undertones’ before the event was sadly postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Their debut single, ‘Endeavour’, has received their greatest applause across the UK rock scene and was recently added to the Punkboot Promotions 2020 compilation release, ‘Spirit of DIY – Volume 2’. Amongst other accolades to date, the band were named in the Nova Radio North East top 20 artists of the year in 2019 by The Unsigned Music Show With Mike Ryan.

On 24th July 2020, Nomad Anthem released their latest single, ‘Rising Up’ (Read our review) which was followed by their first EP, ‘Anywhere But Here’, on September 18th 2020.

Spotify / Facebook / Twitter.

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